Shadowlands Preview: Adventures

Least here there’s no lore happening in teeny tiny text like in BfA. The “war” felt so freaking empty and pointless because a lot of the war was happening off screen.


New mission tables in the new expansion? No way… Ooooh and another worthless currency i’ll have to do your world quests for. Thanks, Blizzard.


Found it a bit boring on the beta if I’m honest but I will say I applaud the effort for trying new things for sure.
Its pretty obvious that the Mission table has turned mostly to automation, and maybe this will again, but if there is a REASON not to automate it that’s a good start.

I try to find that reason with the mission table in BFA and it just doesn’t exist. I try to look for missions I still need for the achievement or try to think of some interesting flavor but its just not there.

I hope this time around, that will be solved.


I was hoping this would be like … Zelda style adventures where you delve into dungeons and solve puzzles, retrieving artifacts for your Covenant, or something.

Kind of a bummer to see it’s just a spiced-up Mission Table. :frowning:


It was mentioned before at some point that the app would be updated to work with this. If its like BfA, there won’t be a public test, the app will just be patched on launch day to the Shadowlands version.

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Wow this is so cool and exciting! Amazing addition to the game that all players didn’t even know they wanted until now. Thank you so much!

Is that the response they expected?


It looks interesting. I can see that being enjoyable for a little while. Ten months down the road we’ll probably hate it with a fiery passion so good on you blizz by adding a skip button


I’m curious whether you found yourself ever reviewing the combat log or if it ended up being “yup, some text and numbers scrolled by”

I am going to hate this “feature” until someone develops an addon that automates it. I hate auto battlers with the fury of a thousand suns.


Not at all no. Seemed like it was impossible to not succeed honestly.
Likely just a tuning thing though, but the followers or whatever you might call them this time around all have really strong abilities that just ran wild over the missions I had access to.

If they DO tune it to be difficult, there are already quite a lot of ways to mix and match your team though.
It was just completely pointless to do it at the time, so I didn’t bother.

Come to think of it, if it was something tuned to 11 it might actually be way more fun, because then you would be far more encouraged to care about each decision instead of just slapping them in.
But that’s likely not the goal of the system.

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The Shadowlands expansion is shaping up to be a real flop.

How many years and how many expansions of negative feedback on mission tables, forced pvp, external powers and poor base class/spec design will it take for you developers to hear your customers?

This stuff is crap.


notice how there is no % chance to win listed anywhere?

according to lootbox gambling rules all percentages must be displayed in-game.

this “adventure” takes currency and has a randomized % chance to give you a reward.

“adventure” currency can be obtained by playing the game.
playing the game can be obtained by buying wow tokens for game time
wow tokens can be bought with real money

therefore “adventure” rewards are lootboxes that can be opened with real money

this is illegal


I even have a phone!!
I’ll love playing this absolutely thrilling Idle RPG game! The thought of getting rewards by NOT playing the game I pay a monthly subscription for is making my parts pucker with excitement! This looks like a stunning and innovative idea which will be sure to encourage millions to re-subscribe en-masse for years to come!


I think there were two or three? A baby hippo and the left shark from the shipyard, and the cinder pup from the garrison.

I think you’re taking quite a legal leap here trying to justify the fact “adventure” currency is earned via playing the game which can be bought through wow tokens. And it does have a “win” ratio, it’s just not in the same format you’re used to seeing. That being the power level.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a fan of another boring pointless mission system which offers a virtually meaningless reward that is just going to get automated by an addon for the 3rd expansion in a row.

So many left sharks…

I’ve never heard anyone speak positively of the mission board since WoD and people earned millions of gold.


People who earned millions of gold from it in Legion also spoke positively of it.

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That’s what I was thinking. A good way to make gold. I hope it is.

So… more stuff most of us won’t get because you keep pushing a gameplay uninteractive system?

Make it as brain heavy as you want; I don’t care about click-and-done content. This isn’t gameplay it’s quiet gambling. Hard pass; make something new.