Shadowlands Prepurchase

I recently Did the Pre-purchase of Shadowlands does this mean that when it finally comes out Those of us Who have Pre-purchased The Shadowlands does this mean we wasted our money on the Pre-purchased or will this Expansion automatically Go in our computers?

You bought the expansion, so whenever it gets released, you will have access to it.

Even though you have prepurchased Shadowlands, you will not have access to it until Blizzard releases the final bit. But the good news is, there is plenty of time to get used to the changes, and only 50 levels!

Those who have not purchased the expansion will still have all the things currently released as pre patch. That includes the level squish, the faster leveling, heirlooms now giving good bonuses but not exp buff, and the ability to level anywhere. The only thing you won’t get is the next ten levels and the new content in Shadowlands itself.