Shadowlands: Maw Updates in Chains of Domination

They want to surprise us with Warlock Demon Stables! This is the only possible reason that they don’t have a date yet. This is great news, everyone who is a Warlock!


/yawn. Dead game


This is great.

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  • Torghast.

  • Tormented affix in M+.

  • New Raid.

  • New PvP Season + New PvP Talents + new PvP trinket.

They could definitely stretch it out and do one blog a week and have a month+ of “stuff” to cover. I mean, they did a blog about flying as its own thing.

Honestly, if we don’t get a release date tomorrow I’m probably just going to unsub. My guild is probably killing Council tonight and we likely won’t be killing Sludge, so I can’t imagine continuing to just coast.

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I’m your biggest shill and even I think y’all need to drop that release date ASAP.


I have this vague recollection of new torghast powers…or was that just a 9.0.5 thing?

warning to blizzard, would be an extreme loss if the release date is to close to september as in the USA first week of september all those who has been in quarentine or whatnot are being cut off from unemployment and being forced back into the pandemic and will have 0 time for video games. plz give this tip to the higher ups.
releases end of this month = most players return gives quite a large population of players at least 2 whole months of 9.1 first first week of september is the cut off. Anything later or closer to september would be a very unwise move not only for the citizens of USA but also because many players are leaving WoW for good and for FFxiv because of the ammount of drought time (not really blizz fault, the loud players begged for delays they say the game is unfinished they say this all the time though but now blizz tames them serious which is pushing away a greater number of players. Really think true fans want some class abilities tweeked 5 millions times at the cost of cut patches and cut content like back in WoD and BFA? hell no but sadly thats what happened, ppl too obsessed over numbers and pressure devs to focus that instead of on world building zones actual content)

I’m pretty shilly as well…and I concur.


My 6-month cycled in March so I’m still here for a while. Though I admit, I’m hitting my own limit at this rate. My guild won’t exist in 9.1, I’m already expecting that. Quite a few people have already unsubbed and even removed WoW from their PCs because this type of drought and the sheer lack of any form of communication to keep people updated on where the patch is at is honestly unacceptable. If a patch is delayed, or they’re behind schedule, okay. But there needs to be some form of roadmap, even if it’s ideal, showing exactly what still needs to be done.

Always said I’d go down with the ship, but man that lifeline is looking more and more tempting.


Guis it’s ok they are working on Shadowlands Classic so just keep your knickers on.


this is embarrassing


9.1 is adding the new scoring system, the empowerment mechanic, the meta-progression system, Adamant Vaults, and of course the new rewards like the various shoulder mogs, back mogs, pets, and the new mount. If flying gets its own blog, the Torghast revamp can easily get its own blog.

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why unsub?
do you disagree with their current philosophy “its ready when its ready”?
last time they game a release date for SL launch in october then it got delayed, which is valid for them to not give dates anymore from here on out
also be aware pvpers require 2 weeks for some reason so if they ignored pvp all this time they somehow can grind glad last second if that was not the case then literally blizz could say up to monday that the next day is release or heck they could even do surprise release the days of if the community gave them the chance

but yeah if ppl are okay with it taking a long as heck time there is 0 reason to give a date
if more ppl were like “i am ready for it to be out tomarrow” they would probaby give a date but there is still a high ammount of loud ppl yelling at blizzard in feedback saying 9.1 is nowhere near ready alot keep saying it can’t be sooner than august for some sick reason.

their self hatred is indeed ruining the game for others, delaying for the sake of delaying is very damaging, will a 4 months delay give 9.1 a full new zone thats not on ptr rn? hell no it aint, all it will be is more tinkering with numbers not added more content that is not already revealed

I really hope that’s not the plan with these mini articles.

I equate every one of these previews to Blizzard pretty much saying “We have no idea when we’re going to be able to release this, but we want people to stay interested and subscribing”.

We’re all wondering about a release date. The people at Blizzard probably are, too.


that is alright, you guild never stood a chance against the same 1-3 guilds that are always world first of a raid sicne the dawn of time. Try to get into their guilds or join another :slight_smile:

roadmaps will never exist in WoW
even destiny 2 showed up blizzard after it left blizzard, at game fest last year it gave a roadmap of its next 3 xpacs.

also after the release date of 9.0 being delayed (due to palyer feedback begging blizz to delay so they can get more practing in beta at M+ raids ect for a longer advantage) blizz is probably weary of ever giving sooner release dates.

I got excited for a second, thinking there might be a release date on here. But nope. :frowning:

Because if someone has gone through all of the content they were interested in going through, likely numerous times, why should they stay subscribed if they have nothing left to do? No one is obligated to pay for the game when they’re not putting out content updates.

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because when subs go down big devs ragequit thus the content drought gets worse

as sylvanas says “its a cycle of hatred”

That’s great and all…but when is release date? Everyone here is extremely bored with the current patch.