Shadowlands: Journey Through the Gates of Zereth Mortis

Shadowlands: Journey Through the Gates of Zereth Mortis

Venture into land unlike any other and unravel its mysteries.

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first comment: looks pretty good to me, I hope people have a lot of fun



For the flight requirement, does that open right away? or will it be delayed?

Or are the encounters a daily/weekly thing?

The last requirement is to complete (what I’m assuming is) the 9.2 storyline so it’ll probably be timegated behind at least that even if you do everything else day 1.

A Means to an End: Complete the storyline “A Means to an End.”

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Oh cute I like the battle pets!

I bought one month to see if this is interesting, hope I don’t regret it.

i never received the quest to start the new area. is there someplace i need to go?

why am i being rewarded with only wrists on every quest?

Have you talked to Tal Inara in Oribos yet. That is where this area begins.

I am noticing that when I complete these quests (and I’ve now done 3 alts in this area) I keep getting the same thing, On my hunter it was 3 pair of Leggings, On my Monk it was 3 pairs of Hands, and on my Rogue it was Feet. but if you read each ones description carefully they each offer a different skillset on them. More Speed, Higher Jumps, Etc. Read that and see what you think. I still think getting the same piece of Gear stinks tho!