Shadowlands Content Update Notes

No what they removed wont really impact people. It just showed what item sets were in game that someone could get for their class, like how there was a sword/ring combo from BoD that could drop and was an item set. Thats the tab they removed not the loot tables.

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Exactly, all rank 4 essences are 100% gone from all sources. Your chest next week from PVP? Nope, no rank 4, your screwed. Mythic azshara? Nah dont bother. Its all gone. This was your last week to try and get the title.

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The pet change is stupid, period. Pet AI is absolutely atrocious at times, where you have to constantly dismiss and resummon in certain areas. When they fix pet AI, then we can talk about the length of time to rez/summon your buddy.


its not stupid, I disagree. Its because killing pets in arena was pointless and let hunters stick pets on healers 24/7 and just instant revive and stick pets once more. Maybe this should have only been a PVP thing for this reason, but as you know Blizzard cannot separate effects from skills in both pve and pvp.


These implications are more all around on why this is a bad idea, not pvp. Honestly with this change BM hunters are gonna be sitting ducks anyway once the pet goes down.


Ah, I can hear it now…“pRepAtcH iSn’T rEaDy!!!”


Will we be able to turn off the quest navigation marker in settings?


You are able to.

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Thank you, my friend!

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Why nerf the battle pets?


great, so now all these backpeddling actual 1200 “gladiator” warlocks will say they’re glads on other characters once they realize destro doesnt 1 shot in shadowlands.

Revive pet already has a cast time that can be considered long for PvP though?

This change was probably aimed for Torghast as Hunters and Warlocks arguably had an easier time doing visions compared to other DPS classes. I highly doubt they took into consideration PvP when they implemented it.

That said, it deletes Survival Hunters from any kind of competitive PvP scenario as unlike other classes, it’s resource generation is linked to an easily killable pet with an AI known for being… funky.

Making assumptions here, but from my point of view, unless they get completely out-skilled, it’s unlikely that any competent comp beyond the 1500 mark would allow a hunter to cast for 4 secs.

Supposing it stays like that in Shadowlands, chances are that they’ll be reverting it before season 2 begins and add a Debuff in Torghast and the Maw increasing said cast time or give Hunters an instant pet rez on a 2~3min cooldown.

This is just my interpretation based on common sense and not an affirmation or attempt on undermining your comment.


Hunter pet rez will be 4 seconds (up from 2 on live).

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after trying the patch on the pts i will state yet again this is not ready and needs to be held back for 3 to 6 weeks while you fix all of the issues with it.

balance is awful and there are bugs with just about everything. players don’t like the fact that races get one or two new hair colors or styles. bugs are everywhere. and the pre-patch event is awful.

push it back a few weeks and rework everything with it asap


Here is the thread where they originally discussed things. The basic idea is that they want to nerf some ability combos that they felt were too powerful.

Just like the last time they did it stupid ,besides their going to make the battle pets harder to finish.It doesn’t take rocket science to see where they’re going on this ,they should think before implementing such battles and causing people more distress especially when we have so many changes coming,this is too overwhelming.


I’m excited about most of these changes.

I really hope chromie time, “timewalking campaigns”, will work for Pandaria. It is still broken in the PTR, only a few days to fix it.


Are you serious? A lot of those updates are horrible.

They’re actively trying to get players in all aspects of the game to quit.

I’ve been saying for years that with the success of their other games that require little effort to make tons of money that they are trying to get as many players to quit while saying they are “trying to make an profitable and fun game” to investors.

They can get a pretty big tax write off if they shut down WoW and also another excuse to fire even more employees so a certain person at the top can give himself another raise.


Well,they are really making an impression on me that’s for sure.That could actually be true.

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Ahh did they lower it? Still terrible. Especially for pvp when they can be interrupted in it. Unless they changed that??

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