Shadowlands Content Update Notes

Someone who was a victim of a sexual predator posted that they feel violated when group members mount her without her permission and a blue responded " we never looked at it that way and will be relayed to the dev team"

Still no fix on Fetch. Such trash. Much not-surprised. Very Blizzard

i hope they refund the money people put into there 120 alts that got deleveled. im not seeing the meaningfull experience in this new patch.

You want financial compensation to characters that are essentially the same with smaller numbers?

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The leveling experience has actually been decent for me leveling a new warrior. I have been taking it slow to just exhaust all quests in zones I never completed on horde. And the piecemeal upgrading of skills rank 1 whirlwind, then 2 then 3 helps to show to me how to properly use your skills and what they feed into.

Granted though I still prefer a dive into the deep end approach when trying to learn a spec, much like I did with mage tower.

Also numbers are numbers, don’t get too held up over them.

ive played for 10 years and im baffled they got away with this

“Yeah, but what about MY feelings?!”

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“Glaive Tempest is now affected by Mastery: Demonic Presence, and its damage has been reduced by 15%.” This isn’t scaling with mastery.

Apologies for the confusion Kurock. These changes are going live with next week’s restart on Tuesday, November 17. We’ve updated the article with a note clarifying the date as well.


Hopefully the enhancement buffs make it viable again, I’m not holding my breath though

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Hey Blizzard, just wanted to say that your shoehorning in of the obligatory strong female characters is becoming really really really obvious and annoying.


Yeah, but you can not say Hunters rely on there pets for a Dispell or Interupt or anything a long those lines?

And the other thing is, if a Hunter pets die, they can just use revive. A Warlock has to resummon there minions, and if your minion dies while Fel Domination is on CD…

But it is pretty stupid to increase the summon times for Warlock Minions and Hunter pets.

EDIT: Wait, I haven’t noticed any timer on call pets when calling out any pets on my Hunter.

Please tell me you have some kind of compensation in mind for Demon Hunters. Unbound Chaos was pretty much what kept the spec competitive. On live, on my ilvl 100-ish DH the tool tips reads 2300-ish damage, while Fel Rush is 247.

2300 --> 740 is a humongous 300% nerf, especially brutal for M+. There’s no way the Glaive Tempest changes are going to make up for this.

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I’m still waiting on Protection Paladin nerfs, they can do a lot of damage for such a difficult class to kill.

All Honor (currency) has been converted to Silver and provided to you in your Mailbox.

Does this apply to Marks of Honor? Because if so, I have about 165 of these I was using over 12 toons to strategically purchase the really old legacy stuff, and now I’m going to have to mad scramble in the next few hours.

Did they say Marks of Honor? No. So you’re good.

So what about all the players who dont want to repeat the same content on alts?

I personally have one horde and one ally I play one. Thats it. I want to experience all that shadowlands has to offer, but having to choose one covenant and be locked out of 3 campaigns - thats crazy.

Can you make a way to experience the other covenant campaigns at a later date or patch? I know I’m not the only one that doesnt want to or have time to play as multiple characters.

Also, the fact that no level 50 can enter chromie time - not good. I understand you want to cater to the level rushing and content skippers, but some of us dont ruin our fun with multiple alts. We enjoy the game on our mains and that should be good enough :confused:

Just some observations and a tangent. Mostly warlock as I have been playing this class since that is what i spend most of the time playing.

Pet summons are terrible. In keystones pets still get summoned. Pets are extremely squishy right now, especially Demo, and dying because I can’t resummon a pet stinks. I am assuming, since they hasn’t been any reasoning made, this was to add in a valuable Conduits, but it’s terrible.

Affliction is way too squishy. Warlocks don’t have the mobility of mages and over time other classes have gotten more survive-ability, healing, etc. yet our mobility is still tied to a talent. I understand we don’t have all the abilities that damage us now, but we don’t have much for mobility. Being cloth and having little mobility with not much healing anymore is quite punishing at this point. I understand you don’t want Legion style healing but there needs to be something there besides just being a Hippie Warlock, joke, with Night Fae. Affliction could also use some kind of slight buff in its damage. Tons of setup and most damage still comes from standing still.

Destro needed a single target buff, but I think quite a few these days just don’t want to play it. It is stale. We have played a version of this Destro Warlock since MoP give use some kind of refresh.

Demo is fun, but it sucks. We have been playing this Demo since Legion, and it has rarely been great pass being over tuned here and there. No spread cleave, inflexible in damage types, etc. I say the experiment has failed. Demo needs a look and it’s single target is not that powerful right now for what is suppose to be a single target/AoE spec. Make Demo viable for a change. It stinks in PVP and raids for the most part. It’s only niche is dungeons.

Pets, we have been using the same pets for fifteen years. Time to rethink warlock pet utility and update it to the modern game. Cosmetic updates at the very least, but I really think they need to be rethought in general.

Nercolord and Venthyr covenants suck for warlocks. Why? Both of these need some tuning for Affliction Necrolord and Venthyr for all of them. Night Fae and Bastion are just too strong right now and makes no sense thematically for warlocks.

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