Shadowlands 2.0, defending the other realms of Death?

We know that the Shadowlands has countless realms, and that we are focused on more major ones. And I got to wondering about the other realms, how they could be included, and wondering how the forces of the cosmos would react to Zovaal’s actions. And how it could all fit in leading to the next expansion of the game/chapter of the story.

Like say in response to whatever the Jailer does within the Sepulcher of the First Ones, the other cosmos decide to attack the Shadowlands in vengeance and/or to protect themselves. Thus leading to new expansion where we explore new realms of Death, under attack by the Void, Light, Fel etc…

If it would be the case, Oribos already stands as a sanctuary and it wouldn’t be the first time a sanctuary was for two difference expansions (ex: Dalaran).

So did you all think that it’s possible or just reaching in guessing where the story could be going?

That would be interesting, though we can’t fault the other cosmic forces for responding to what Zovaal did since he’s trying to rewrite all reality for his own gain.

The problem is that death has really been cheapened for the player characters, and there aren’t many characters left in the game that fans really care about. But that’s a corner Blizzard have been writing themselves into for several years now.

For Oribos to be a sanctuary, we need to get the afterlife system back up and running so lorewise the souls of the dead don’t just build up in the Maw. Otherwise our characters are being uncharacteristically callous and the story consequences are being disregarded once again.

Finally, while your theorycrafting is good and I like it, I think a lot of people are getting fed up with the “cosmic wars” plot. It’s doable - though imo not the way Blizzard has been doing it.

What would you like to see?

I would like a return to Azeroth and explore areas that are referenced in game that haven’t been to yet. Like the Dragon Isles, or even discover a new continent. We can catch up some old school characters like Nazgrel and let us see how the Horde and Alliance are seeking to replenish their strength and coming together in the aftermath of the Fourth War.

However should Blizzard give us another cosmic war plot and have us enter a new realm… I do want the launch event to start with an invasion by the realm in question upon the Shadowlands. It would be a clear way to show case the consequences of the Jailer’s shenanigans and set up the extremist faction of the realm in question. Should Blizzard go with the Light, then I want the Naaru from Shattrath led by A’dal to be our friends, while Xal’atath and/or Locus Walker could serve as the friendly Void agent letting us meet others and what not.

That would be great. Nazgrel is a very overlooked and underrated character in the lore. I would personally be very happy to have a Dragon Isles expansion with Azshara and Chromantus as the villains.

While I’d personally prefer our characters to leave the afterlife, your ideas have promise, and I highly doubt we’d seen the last of Locus-Walker or Xal’atath when I last saw them. By the way, how about Lothraxion, where do you stand on him? Is he a mole for Death? Gone on his own? Genuinely defected to the Light?

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Yeah Chromantus was definitely a missed opportuniy for Cataclysm.

When it comes to Lothraxion, I do think he was assigned to break away from the Legion in order to infiltrate the Light. However he ended up becoming genuinely devoted to the light, informed the Naaru about being assigned to infiltrate them, and in response they invaded the Ember Ward of Revendreth, while Lothraxion for his proven loyalty was assigned to serve under Xe’ra in the Army of the Light.

Thus Lothraxion is serving as a double agent for the Light against his brethren but they are too arrogant or scheming to be in their sires good graces to notice.

There’s also the possibility that the Light could have deliberately gone out of its way to capture and convert Lothraxion in direct response to that original instance of having exposed dreadlord agents in their midst, in the hopes of using him to detect any further nathrezim - Death, Fel or otherwise - who try to infiltrate them again.


While it was a missed opportunity in Cata - Ultraxion is a poor man’s Chromantus imo - I could see Azshara and Chromantus working together, since he’s practically unkillable in the lore and his unconscious body is locked in a blue dragonflight vault only a jolt of magic away from “awakening”. That and Chromantus seems like a shout-out to Ghidorah.

Given the way Lothraxion is written he has potential but needs care to be written well. I like your idea. @Raselle It’s possible Lothraxion was converted by force, but he seems too autonomous - challenging Xe’ra in person over her judgement of Alleria - to be controlled by the Light.

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Speaking of Dreadlords, I want to visit Nathreza. I don’t know if Blizzard could create enough story with the shattered realm to make it an expansion setting like with Outland, but I can easily see it being a patch content. Either as 9.2 or as patch content for another expansion.

Plus with the Dragon Isles we could deal with the major issue raised in Legion; dragons are now sterile and on the extinction clock after defeating Deathwing.