Shadowform Prism question

Probably a dumb one, but the wording on things are weird in this game.

I guess the legendary truly only procs when you have your fiend out. It doesnt summon your fiend to do this attack? So 15ish seconds every 3 minutes? (I do see with mindbender its 1 minute cooldown. So up 17 seconds every minute. I use void torrent typically)

Kinda confused why guides can say this is a better lego. Currently running Talbards.

Just making sure i am reading it right

It can output a lot of AE damage, and ST too if NF. Talbs is ST, and ST only, although you can take Psychic Link, but it’s only really viable on Spires, Theater, etc. with smaller pulls

It just does a LOT of damage while it’s active. You’ve gotta remember during lust and pi and voidform your mind blast cooldown is hilariously low, you’re fitting 3 deaths per Mindbender, and that’s going to result in a 20-30+ second long Mindbender, covering your entire voidform and cooldown set. Not only is that a lot of pet damage and rifts from the legendary, but it’s also a tonne of extra insanity generation to go into devouring plagues.

With strong gear and Shadowflame prism you can expect to be going 20-30+ seconds after opening without having to press mind flay once. You just blast bolt dp for your entire VF.

Gotta think on this. I need pants/helmet anyway.

You absolutely run Mindbender with it, and keep in mind that the spells that trigger the attack also extend Mindbender’s duration.

Swapped last night. Was great in Torghast when i got the ability where PI made MB instant cast