Shadowform Options

So Warlocks and Druids have seen some pretty nice customization options for for their pets and forms lately. But while Shadow Priest has had several versions of Shadowform, it never seems to get much in the way of options other than a glyph to reduce the effect of the current version if you don’t like it, and this now forces the player to choose between this and extending Shadowform to your mount.

I would like to see some options for Shadowform, preferably at the Barber Shop, so choosing between your favorite form doesn’t cost you the ability to cloak your mount in shadow as well.

I actually like the current version with the exception of the puffs of smoke that constantly billow from the player. I would much prefer to drop the smoke puffs in favor of a pink/purple outline effect like we see on the horn of Prestigious Royal Courser, or an appropriate color variation of what we see on Betrayer’s Cinderblade.

Another cool option is what we see on the Onslaught Raven Bishops at Onslaught Harbor in Icecrown. It’s a bit dated, but I love the concept of shadow ravens flying in and out of your shadowform. I think an updated version where the ravens actually emerge from and merge back into your form could look amazing.

I think it would also be cool to see some color variations. Having a permanent dark blue associated with the Void would be great as would the red / fuchsia we see in creatures tainted by the Nightmare in Emerald Nightmare. Shadowflame would be another amazing option.

Being able to choose one color for your form and another for your spells could make for some awesome visuals as well.

Thanks for your consideration and here’s to hoping we see some great options added for Shadow Priest in The War Within.

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100% agree everyone else is customizable and we are still stuck with this purple cloud, we need some sort of customization.

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