<Shadowfang Syndicate>

Social guild of chill helpful people w/ an active discord. Lead by 2k+ PVPers & 2700+ Key runners!

Shadowfang Syndicate - Horde & Alliance - Tichondrius

Shadowfang Syndicate is currently recruiting for Dragonflight!

Who are we?

We’re a social guild of chill helpful people w/ an active discord. Lead by 2k+ PVPers & 2700+ Key runners!

We’re looking for more active people who want to do things. We have members pushing keys into the 20s and helping to get those baby keys into double digits and getting those portals unlocked.

We have an RBG team that runs on Thursdays and Fridays, with random RBG nights tossed in. Running arenas and solos are how a lot of our PVPers spend their time but will still be in discord chatting. We are not all glads, but some of us have been there and enjoy helping others.

We will be raiding in season 3 with the goal of AOTC, and then starting Mythic progression.

We have an active discord and do monthly guild events. We do T-mog contests, Drunken Glider contests, Dragon Racing, Pet battle tournaments and more!

A lot of good people call us home, and maybe you can too. We are very active in discord and we generally have people on a during all times of the day, but are most active after 3:00pm sever (PST) Message any member on line and an officer can get you in!

Extra Details

Raid Teams

  • Limited Raiders

Rated BG teams

  • Nightmare RBG Team

Bumping thread

I’m not supposed to say that this is a pvp guild.

The guild is a great mixture of PVP and PVE which is really helpful when that one PVE piece or several can be super helpful for arenas or RBG’s there is always someone there to help you get that gear.

PVP, PVE, WPVP this guild has it all.

Our raid team “Limited Raiders” are 9/9N & 3/9H after our first week!

For Season 3 this is an AOTC focused team that will shift towards high M+ pushing afterwards.
Our Raid Times are Tues/Thurs from 6:30PM-9:00PM PST (9:30PM-12:00AM).

We are still recruiting for multiple spots on the raid team:

  • Immediate need for Healers
  • DPS (Range Pref)
  • Backup Tank than can play DPS or Healer

Please contact zoloman (Discord) if interested!

AOTC as of 12/07/2023 - Woohoo!
Our raid team is now 6/9H, with some good pulls on Smolderon!

We still have open spots on our raid team:

Recruitment Contact: zoloman (Discord) or Zoloman#11425 (Battle.net)

Tues/Thurs 6:30PM - 9:00PM PST (9:30PM - 12:00AM EST)

We are currently recruiting for:

  • Raid team recruitment closed while we evaluate our needs post AOTC. However please reach out if you’re interested and I can keep you updated.
  • 1 extra healer
  • Several DPS (Ranged preferred, but Melee OK).
  • DPS that have a tank or healer off-spec they can play are highly desired.

Applicants should be 460+ ilvl and have cleared Normal Amirdrassil and at least 6/9H.

Ideal applicants have previous AOTC and/or a high M+ rating from current/previous season (Keystone Hero and above).

Applicants should be AOTC focused and OK with a relaxed and fun raid atmosphere.

See our full Raid Recruitment Forum Post here

Looking to do that annual “friendly” bump.

I’d like an invite. Gunz#11506