Shadow/Boomkin/Flex LF guild

Hey all i am posting on here in hopes of finding a guild that i can get back into raid with, run some keys with guildies and just have fun playing the game with some new friends. I got a new job in a new state and these will be my new prefer raid hours.

I am looking for a guild at least doing heroic wanting to push into mythic or a guild already pushing mythic looking for more. I am currently 4/10m on what was my main before but looking to swap to a toons that i wanted to main before being asked to main what i was maining this tier. I just finalized getting ksm so my only other goal for rest of this patch is to get into mythic with my new main what i wanted to main begining of exspansion.

I am looking to main shadow priest with holy off spec when needed and/or boomkin with resto offspec when needed(if dps primarily then would like to main priest if healing primarily would like to main druid) (i enjoy both specs so could main either for right guild). I plan to keep both toons up and raid ready. My goal is to find a guild that raids 2 times a week with a 3rd day being a alt raid or optional. For the right guild i could do 3 days as long as i can do something alt related but id prefer 2 days a week raiding and 3 hours at most on those days.

Raid times
Available 8pm pst - 12am pst
Available 9pm mst - 1am mst
Available 10pm cst - 2am cst
Available 11pm est - 3am est
All times zones of when id be available i can raid later then the end time but i cannot raid earlier then the start time.

I am hoping to find the right fit for a guild and keep pushing this tier and the next tier. Thanks for taking the time to read this and if you have any questions feel free to ask and ill answer them.

Contact info
Battlenet- Dendrik#11236
Discord- Schriel#4243