Shadow spec bonuses

Well, in all honesty…who gives a damn about fated seasons. Like competitively.
What i would love to see is something “crazy”, new …less restrictive.

Why not let us go complete ape :poop: like in corruption season
Let us pick every single tier set bonus together.
Put them on of prieces…let us craft them, or enchant them into the gear…etc

But then again, some of the stuff wouldnt work that well for sp since it was redesigned like 3 times during the xpack again…

If we gonna pick and choose like this…shadow is then ready for another “semi-rework” or hard tuning passes…again…for an irrelevant season.

I think shadow will have more hard time picking the look because all the priest sets from dragonflight looks amazing…we won on this front for sure…gameplay on the other hand is atrocisious and only viable set bonus for us is the last one due to tuning and reworks…


All three are terrible

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S3 tier set bonus is janky to use.

S2 and S1 ones were just passive and you didn’t need to think about it.

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Just let me get out of this dark ascension-mindbender mess


Make Shadow Word Pain useless again!!!

“Currently”. It switches due to inflation and whoever qd most recently. But i definitely beat him more than he beats me.

Whatever doesn’t force me to play Deathspeaker :stuck_out_tongue:

This is going to end very badly for some specs because your team massively gutted several, Shadow being one to show horn in the 3rd season.

Here’s a wild idea. All 3 tier bonuses work, you get a token and choose the season you want. Shadow goes back to what they were at the start of S2.

If Season 2 is the pic for shadow all the nerfs that came in at the end of S2 are going to have to be reversed.

I get that the company wants to do something nice for us however because of past decisions which seem more spite based this won’t work without many adjustments.

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Would be cool to have the option to pick each 2 set bonus from all seasons and each 4 set bonus.

So you have a pool of 3 to pick from both 2 set and then 4 set bonuses. Similar to how you pick your PvP spells from a shared pool.


Go nuts and each 2 pieces you wear opens an option to add a set bonus.
Add 1-3 additional set pieces to get a total of 3-4 total set bonuses and you get to pick each bonus from the total 6.

Add Bracer, Belt, boots, cloak, ring to set pieces that activate up to a total of 8 pieces.

This would allow less restricted pieces you must wear as you can have other options to wear to obtain the full unlocked 3-4 set bonuses.

Similar to Tier 3 Naxx in classic where you had a total of 9 pieces but only needed 8 to complete set bonuses.

Or hell, give us back early Legion Surrender to Madness. :smiley:


A lot of people are just simply not understanding that, you are choosing a tier set for them to REBALANCE and put into the next season, they cannot do that for all of the tier sets as it would require more than triple the work to do so

It would be cool if they did, but that is not what they are doing

Maybe not for this upcoming season, but it would be cool if for like every Pre-Expansion event, they allowed all the tier set bonuses from that current expansion to be accessible for players to mix and match with.

So basically balance is out the window, but it’s for a short time to let players go nuts and experiment which could lead to new interesting discoveries that might be added into the game at a later date.

Basically treat the pre expansion event as a testing grounds of sorts with wacky mechanics in the form of tier set bonus combinations that weren’t accessible prior.

I’m of a mind that Season 1 was the best only because it’s “Vanilla-ness” interacted with all builds, which was said to be the whole point of these trees…

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except it’s blizzard so they’re not gonna rebalance anything and spriest is gonna be doomed as it currently is now lol

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S3’s the exact same build idea we’ve had as “meta” with only that break for years, mindbender is a fun thing but i do not want to play it and DA for the entirety of the rest of DF

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Bliz nerfed all the talents that interacted with the S2 bonus as a response to the 10.1.5 Mythic+ meta. If they don’t revert those changes in S4 we won’t be changing playstyle no matter what bonus we use, we’ll just have less resource gen because S3 2piece is providing a tonne of it with the SWD echoes.


Well, here’s hoping they do that then, or rebalance the tier set in regards to it (they are tweaking these, right?) because SWD spam mindbender is mind-numbing.

More mind-numbing than spamming Mind Spike? Because that’s what you’re voting for if you don’t pick season 3.


i’m voting for S2 for void form and plague, there’s 0 chance they’re not going to retune classes around this else they’d just leave S3 on and be done with it with 0 extra work. and S2 was far more enjoyable than the current stale meta we’ve had the entire rest of Df with unstable torment

SWD is also just an awful ability and continually doing damage to myself to make my tier set work is annoying, plus by the time this set comes out we’ll have already been playing with this tier set for months straight, why not break up the monotony instead of just playing the exact same crap for another 4-6 months?

They said they would retune the tier. There was no mention about retuning the specs. Congrats you played yourself. You’re still going to play DA bender, it will just be miserable because we don’t have Insanity generation from season 3 bonus.