Shadow Priest In Torghast

Can we please address how bad our powers are in Torghast? I was ok with the previous tier in torgh because, while it wasn’t enjoyable, I could at least solo it. The problem now though, is with the increased damage/emphasis on time, it’s next to impossible to solo torghast as shadow priest. Even with our best damage powers, we do negligable damage comperative to the damage others output and the damage that mobs out put.

As a result, teams are very difficult to come by through group finder and non-premade groups because why would a torghast team who’s trying to plow through torghast take a class that’s super underpowered when they could take a way better class like ele sham who can nuke a whole floor by accident?

Add in that even with last word talented, we don’t have enough interupts/silences/fears to kill certain floor bosses let alone end bosses. This is amplified by the poorly thought out torghast empowerment power which is basically prideful 2.0 in that if you use it and dont kill the boss, you lost it and have botched the run.

I don’t mind if the difficulty is amplified, but if we’re doing that, something needs to be done for Spriests to make it an at least somewhat enjoyable experience.

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Spriest Is still one of the easiest torg classes…spec sanlayn. Grab all dictionary powers. Gg

This absolutely is not even close to true. What level are you soloing? That response works for lower floors, but upper floors no way. Bosses have too much hp to burst and ramp too quickly. It gets to the point of getting one shot very quickly. No amount of healing is going to help.

Also, how many other classes have you played? The only as bad or worse than priest is rogue. Every other class is 10000 times easier.

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Idk how it is on other classes but I’ve gotten 240+ points every run so far. I had to redo this week’s cuz I wasn’t strong enough with bad rng to 5star, but I still 4 starred them killing bosses in just under 40 seconds.

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Just play around Fear and its gg

I have perfected every layer so far. With many points to spare. 250+ it’s truly a joke as priest

The fear build is pretty bonkers if you get lucky with the hp drain + fear duration + 400% dmg break stacked along with mind bomb

U forgot the Reset fear with Mind Blast and the No Cooldown on Mind blast if Power Infusion XD u can reset fear the first 20 sec of the fight

So, as per last patch, just pray for good powers/synergy. I gotta say though it’s so much more fun/easy on my enh shammy.

I’ve had no issues on the Big Spriest or the Baby Spriest.

Ive had no issues in Torghast either.

Well starting tomorrow i think every 10mob in torghast will drop 1power which gonna help ALOT. and in 2 week u gonna be able to chose 3 power in your run so it avoid starthing with crappy ones