Shadow Priest AOE

Shadow crash needs to die and burn in a fire. Its extremely unforgiving and unreliable at applying dots. You cannot compete with any other dps unless tank pulls perfectly, stops moving or you time your shadow crash perfectly. Making a dps wait a few seconds to use an unreliable ability and hoping they get a good shadow crash on trash pulls is troll when they have to ramp up their damage on top of it all.

Hit a branch?, too bad you dont get to do any meaningful aoe for the next 20 seconds. Occasionally it will land and not apply dots because I’m guessing the grounds not perfectly level? Idk. It’s slow, not wide enough and at the least should have 2 charges with the way its currently designed.


Agree with everything except this.

I think even if you add an additional charge, it will just become less annoying but the problematic issues still remain at the mechanical level.

I think it would only be a bandaid change and since we have many spells in the past that can easily replace it or at least compete as an option for Shadow Crash in acting as a dot spread spell, there is simply no excuse not to assign a different spell for such a purpose.

  • Cascade
  • Unholy Nova

Those are the best candidates to replace Shadow Crash imo that don’t require any new development or spell effect creation.


Why not just bring back Dark Void that does the exact same thing as Shadow Crash?, Dark Void was reliable, targeted on enemy, its only downfall/difference was a cast time and didn’t spread Vampiric Touch.

So much simpler, less hassle just to switch it in replacement of Shadow Crash.

Dark Void works as well.

I personally would rather have Unholy Nova or Cascade. But any of them would be much better than Shadow Crash.

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Go try affliction for a bit then rethink your shadow crash complaint


The only issue with Dark Void is that it doesn’t apply Vampiric Touch, which a lot of our aoe/cleave is also gated behind.

No no, the idea is if Dark Void replaces Shadow Crash it would also work with Vampiric Touch, it would be a exact replacement is my suggestion.

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Yea in the case for Dark Void, we are talking about just how the spell mechaniclly functions in that it is target based with an area around that target and instant in that no travel time. Still has a cast time.

Yes it did apply Shadow Word: Pain. But that is an easy swap to apply Vampiric Touch instead. That is not the difficult part.


So I explained Shadow AOE to my wife (a former spriest from vanilla->Cata). She said “why don’t they just change Shadow Crash to Mind Sear? You could spread dots off the tank, have no issues with travel time, not care about the cooldown, and the amount of targets balanced around just making Mind Sear hit ‘up to 8 targets’.”

Smart lady…


But then that would make Vampiric Touch having a cast time pointless because you can just toss out a quick Mind Sear pulse to spread your dots.

This is why for it to make sense, the spell to spread dots should have a cool down to prevent application abuse all the time.

But having a spell like Mind Sear have a cool down since it’s a channel spell is bad as if you accidentally cancel it too soon, you can waste it all the time.

The main principle is the easier it is to mass apply vampiric touch consistently the less damage it can deal, and if people want to have Vampiric Touch be a meaningful component for their Single Target damage then there’s a bit of friction there.

I suppose that makes sense, but the way they do it doesn’t, as priests work around it by just being in melee (where the projectile explodes essentially automattically), or having tanks that know where to expect it.

It feels like artificial difficulty for no good reason.

This actually isn’t true. Shadow Crash has a fixed travel time regardless of distance (Which looks very silly at close range)

Does it? I just tried it (admittedly on a baby priest) against a target dummy and it seems pretty instant if I’m standing on top of it.

Double checked for my own peace of mind, absolutely the same regardless of distance.

Maybe just easier to aim I guess. The missle speed definitely speeds up the farther away you are, but it feels like the dots appear faster when I’m in melee. Maybe just psychosematic (sp).

I’ll always be baffled by the fact that they didn’t just rework dark void to just apply VT. It worked way better than shadow crash ever would. I guess it’s just because shadow crash has “thematic value”


I miss cascade

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Shadow Crash is a pain to cast so I figured I would attach it to the tank using focus but it doesn’t work go figure “/cast [nochanneling,@Focus] Shadow Crash”

If it’s a ground target based AoE spell, the best you can do is use @cursor.

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