Shadow Patch

I noticed that Mag now buffs the boss if you dropped spit under neath him. THe damage from spit was also properly applied.

I noticed that there was also a fix to naxaras in NL. You can no longer use the 2 eggs in the back to stop yourself from being pulled in.

However, there are still shadow puddles on NL in Naxaras where remnants of the previous two puddles
just before spiked tongue, still appear despite no longer being effective.

I also noticed that if you get eaten, it bugs out your UI where you cannot be rezzed. RIP

I also noticed that Aberrus trash still snaps to you. I reported this issue week 1 of the raid.

I agree Mag and Zskarn needed to be fixed but fixes to Naxaras could have probably waited till the fight itself was properly fixed.

I accept this report. Thank you for your service :saluting_face:

Found two more shadow fixes in HoI. These are just the one’s i’ve noticed:

Containment apparatus, Containment Beam: not interruptible. It used to be.

Primal Tsunami:

Hit box seems reduced. I had to be directly on the line of the character model to prevent it from hitting the other melee.

I believe it was Squall Buffet that was interruptible. The knockback. I’m guessing for Paladins, cause they are about the only tank that would suffer from any sort of knockback. And we’ve all seen those fail Final Stand taunts (DoS, Mueh’zala) where the boss still elects to hit someone other than the tank.