Shadow Oil proc rate wrong?

Whats wrong

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if true please fix thanks.

You won’t get a blue post in bug fixes channel.

Whats a blue post???

fixed yet?

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Can you please look at this? Or at least give us an answer?

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How the hell is this still bugged?

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“indie company”

Not only does shadow oil have a hidden 10 second cooldown between procs, but now we know that procs are also suppressed by the GCD.

It’s… not ideal.


Yea but it’s exactly the way the game was in vanilla 15 years ago, nobody cared back then. Doesn’t mean it needs to be fixed now just because people are parse slaves.


Well, it’s also just kind of bad game design for an item to not do what is on the tool tip (under no real play environment will you ever see shadow oil trigger on 15% of your attacks).

But a lot of vanilla was designed badly. (Much was also designed well)

ectoplasmic distiller gets hotfixed and nerfed within a week of the report and yet this bug report has been sitting fallow since September 2019…

Shadow oil wasn’t a bug, now go away.

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just like nightfall’s proc rate wasn’t a bug?

prove it friendo

That’s because it isn’t. You claim to be great but you can’t even break 300 dps. You claim all these things were broken when they weren’t. You just a private server zealot.

So contribute something useful or stop rehashing things that aren’t broken.


i haven’t played Classic in over 6 months

and nightfall is broken in case you haven’t been paying attention…

Considering it was blue posted as working correctly you are wrong yet again.


nope it was confirmation that their tests were flawed and that GCD locks were lowering proc rates for Nightfall and a whole slew of other weapons


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Confirmation from who? The crack head private server paladins that are all incredibly subpar and still haven’t won a single argument to date?

Congratulations you found a game mechanic that’s always existed in 1.12

Let’s count the ways you have been wrong.

  1. Reckoning mechanics
  2. Spelladin
  3. Shadow oil
  4. Engineering items
  5. Seal Twisting
  6. Batching
  7. Nightfall
  8. AV map mechanics
  9. Boss mechanics
  10. That time you thought Logs were a damage meter in game
  11. That Ret wouldn’t be bottom of the barrel in AQ because of the new set (

Ret is single handily so poor at this game even balance does more damage and is more viable to bring to a raid because unlike paladins they have an unique buff to their spec.

Do I need to continue? Let’s not forget that time you were on that podcast and weren’t even remotely correct about anything you spouted.

You’re just someone who clings to a disillusioned dream.

There will always be some no lifer paladin players that manage to play ret because they get funneled the best gear and have short kill times and abuse every mechanic possible to still be a bottom of the barrel dps.

However for someone so knowledge in auto attack simulator you can’t even break the 40% percentile in your own spec.

Stop necroing threads with dumb crap just for attention.

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thanks for the bump