Shadow is just not fun right now

Shadow is paying for the sins of aug and mage from season 2. They completely destroyed this spec… I don’t main shadow, just swap to it when needed. But wow this is just not fun.


We brought the cool lizard kid to the party, then we got kicked out of the venue.

How embarrassing.


We lost ~10% going into this patch after nerfs to Power Infusion and Surge of Insanity with zero compensation and no tuning yet. It’s embarrassingly bad how Shadow is.


What’s sad is shadow is only going to be fun if it’s OP, if not your going to notice the poo


You can make a class fun to play and not be op. Gameplay is just very clunky. It’s more you notice how bad the gameplay is when it’s not OP lol.


Yeah that’s what I was saying , you put it better


they’ve made shadow about as fun to play as going to my 9-5. i wouldn’t even mind if the spec was bad damage wise but now its literally so just no fun, getting insanity cast every devouring felt like an integral part of the mindset for the spec going into the expansion, now we have to go to a quinceañera and a wedding before we can have an insanity cast again.


Honestly kinda wish they had basically doubled everything about insanity casts to make them feel more impactful now that they’re rarer, like imagine getting 20 insanity back and dealing twice as much damage on that filler spell when you use it, having 2 stacked up would almost be another full DP and would allow for a “Slower” spec while still making the mechanic feel impactful and strike a middle ground of speed instead of turning to molasses


Shadow tanked huge in popularity since they’re no longer fotm. They’ll probably end up buffing it now since you literally need Mass Dispel for nothing.


either you’ve not played the spec or are missing something. shadow is literally just not fun. i’ve played shadow since before it was fotm in prepatch, the rework just worked well and they were onto something, they’ve since destroyed the spec by removing core valued abilities (mind sear) and reducing the complications of the spec without offering anything in return. the 10.2 changes solidifed shadow as the least fun, and worst spec in 10.2 bar none.

shadow could still be FUN without being “fotm.”


I do not main shadow. But I didn’t even notice they completely removed Mind Sear, but they still have it listed in the Idol of C’Thun capstone talent.

*Archfal pointed out that this is casted by your void tendrils.

Shadow really feels like it has a few issues:
Insanity generation is trash
Void Torrent feels like it should proc Shadowy Apparitions to give it more benefit in AOE. Its single target damage is also very low but that could be adjusted with a cd reduction to maybe 20 sec with talent reduction.
Mind Spike’s damage is almost nothing out side of Insanity.
Shadow Crash initial damage is extremely weak. It needs a massive buff.

Just some things I’m noticing.

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yeh ive played shadow since the end of vanilla, i like it, i just hate the yoyoing between breaking it and building it all the time. Im still playing it, but its hard finding a group for anything now.


we dont cast it now, but the void tendrils we spawn can cast it

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For me it’s when I want to group with one of our other healers. I’ll go shadow and let them heal. But I feel like I’m doing nothing in keys. Feels really bad.

No they don’t. it says flay spike and torrent. The reference to sear is the spell the tentacle channels when it spawns while there are more than 2 mobs near your target.

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Yes, I pointed out just below this that Archfal pointed that out to me.

Fun is a subjective word just like some people might have different favorite colors. I play all 3 Priest specs and I enjoy how they all play. That doesn’t mean everyone else does.

I braved solo shuffle to get to 1600 for the free tier token, so I could get the 2 set. It was such a horrible experience with DH, War, DK every game, but I did it, only to be completely underwhelmed with the set effect.

I specced into mindbender with the aoe effect and deathspeaker, and it just feels so clunky. Plus sometimes I was getting completely slapped from the backlash even tho I thought it got normalized. It may have been something else tho. All that said, I don’t like it, but at least I have no reason to go back into solo shuffle :weary:

It’s 8% per hit, reduced to 4% with tithe evasion and the additional hits do 10% of the big one.

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I think we also have the worst execute. The most similar is kill shot being ranged as well, and that hits way harder. Blizz took just about all of spriest buret in pvp. What a joke