Shadow Hero talents

Still nothing at all about shadow priest hero talents?


Nope. Not a peep yet.

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Does this suprise you? they have no idea what to do with this spec. They re-work it every expansion sometimes even multiple times.


I hope they go back to s1 dragonflight and make a choice node between link and sear+20 second crash with 2 charges and some better talent connections.

S priest is getting reworks for NO reason at all. S1 was good.


Considering our baseline talents and AoE currently make little sense, I would hope they redesign our talents again before attempting to add on top of them.

I still think Hero talents should be scraped in favour of expanding existing spec talent trees.


The core problem they have is that after 20 years of development they have made shadow so very very different in play-style, spell choice, lore and feels that there is basically no commonality to design a hero talent concept round.

I suspect we will get hero talents that between shadow/holy and shadow/disc share no spells or concepts in common beyond the most generic such as renew/shadow word pain do 5% more damage, or penance/mind-flay gain 1 extra tick of damage.


Honestly my guess is Voidweaver (Shadow/Disc), is going to be very heavily influenced in Shadowfiend/Mindbender, with a few some added Shadow Covenant and Dark Ascension/Void Eruption nodes.

Going off other Hero Talents especially multiple bringing in pets or focusing on pets, it be like activating certain abilities creates an additional Mindbender or reduce its CD.


Not just shadow - oracle was so bad that we don’t know any priest hero talents.


If they don’t take this chance to differentiate between void priest, and the old shadow priest, it will be a shame. Make void weaver more dmg based and the other more like the shadow of old, raid healing based of dmg, etc.


God I hope not, get away from the damn pets imo.


I agree. I play my S. Priest for the shadow vibes, ghosts and dark spells… the idols are pretty cool though, but thats about my extent of liking pets on a priest. We have enough pet classes, and I generally main unholy DK / warlock lol.

Kinda like windwalker monks having pets, sick of seeing pets everywhere when they don’t make any damn sense. More shadow magic pls


Don’t look at SoD. They just gave priests a pet that is the model of warlock observer that casts shadowbolts and warlock curses. We have 4 pets.

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Can’t make hero talents until you finish remaking the spec.

I’m absolutely shocked Balance druids got hero talents.


That’s actually a great way to do it, hoping this will be the case! The base spec still needs some work, though.


Alpha is likely going to be available for testing this coming week or the next if the roadmap is accurate.

Kinda feel like we’re gonna be waiting until then to hear anything about shadow.

That being said, I can’t really think of any spec that hasn’t had at least 1 hero spec previewed aside from Shadow and sin rogue.

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And Enhancement Shaman, Farseer was only Elemental/Resto.

Shadow, Assassin and Enhancement all have had zero info on their Hero Trees. So I’m praying this week or next week we get some info.


Tbh can’t blame me for forgetting sin (and I did correct elsewhere I posted something similar to the above).

After all, blizz forgot it for several expansions.


Also technically Priest can be a whole class that has zero talent reveals as they also are going to rework Oracle for Holy/Disc, so it could be completely different for what we know.

I just hope we get to see the remaining Trees sooner rather then later, clearly feedback is important and leaving certain trees as last minute reveals just takes away time to gather said feedback.


What I would like to see:

Avatar (Shadow / Holy)

Your DoTs / HoTs have a chance to activate Void Form / Apotheosis for 4 seconds. Successfully casting Void Bolt or reducing the cooldown of a Holy Word during this time grants a stack of Deity. Casting Void Eruption / Apotheosis consumes all stacks of Deity, increasing your Mastery by 2% per stack for the duration.

Third Eye

Gaining a stack of Deity generates 10 Insanity / restores 1% maximum Mana.

Voice of Divinity

The cooldown of Psychic Scream is reduced by 5 seconds and now affects enemies within 12 yrds.


Stacks of Deity increase your maximum Health by 1% and heal you for that amount. This increased health persists until your cast of Void Form / Apotheosis ends. When you cast Void Eruption / Apotheosis you are healed for 10% of your maximum Health for each stack of Deity.


You can move while channeling Mind Flay / casting Heal and may cast instant-cast spells while doing so.

True Believers

When you damage / heal the same target with 3 different spells within 3 seconds that target receives 5% increased magic damage / healing from all sources for 3 seconds.

Please no cast while casting / channelling. From a dps perspective it’s an awful mechanic, it was awful when they tried to add it in SL Beta to void bolt.

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