Shadøwmasters Are Recruiting!

Guild Name: Shadøwmasters

Realm: Kil’jaeden

Connecting Realms? None Currently

Faction: Horde

Guild Master: Hellsergeant

Type: PvE Focused and PvP will be played to unlock sections within the Great Vault

Old School Community Players: Q&A’s. Please type your answers below. Thank you!

  1. Are there any Old School players who enjoy playing World of Warcraft?
  2. Did you play the game seriously or casually?
  3. Most of the Old School Players today have families?
  4. Out of 228 North American realms: Are there any Old School Horde Guild Masters who still play the game currently, who would be interested in joining Shadømasters on Kil’jaeden?
  5. Would you be interested in being part of this community?
    I consider myself an Old School Player. I have not stopped playing World of Warcraft. I started during the launch of Burning Crusade on January 16, 2007. I may not have played as long as most have, but long enough to enjoy many years learning and playing the game. Blizzard Entertainment has not been great, since maybe the launch of Cataclysm, though, this is my opinion. As a paying customer, I’ve enjoyed the time getting to know some awesome players and some great inspirational leaders we followed who had passion to teach others to become better players. I plan to continue their legacy, going forward.
    Shadøwmasters is a clan we have created on Kil’jaeden. Due to most people leaving the game. Kil’jaeden currently stands as a medium populated server. Also, we work along with each member, teaching them the arts of old school survival tactics, strategies, CC & interrupts. Whether you play casually/seriously, we would love to see more adults over the age of 21+ who are also Old School players, joining with us for the long term. The idea is to build at least 1,000 accounts into Shadømasters, one guild at a time. Kil’jaeden is just one realm out of 228 realms within the United States realm selection tab. We are aware when building something big within each realm, also it will take some time building up. However, by having more people online at any time during the day, allows opportunities for our members to excel.

Here at Shadømasters we value the importance of respect, member support, and member recognition so that we may come to enjoy our game with good company. No matter how great our talent or efforts are, learning our role will take time to develop. Making a difference within Shadøwmasters is not how good our members are, but how they overcome challenges when collaborating, working together, and communicating on Discord learning to be a cohesive team. Caring how our members perform is important. We have more fun in our guild knowing we accomplish more “together”! World of Warcraft is designed to interact with others to accomplish tough goals, and all we ask is do your best and try to pull your weight. We look forward to seeing you join, very soon.

Shadøwmasters are growing, as we should. We are confident that Shadøwmasters will continue to grow to add members willing to play along and participate in our activities. The fun of applying yourself gives you an opportunity to socialize, interact and have the chance to play along with other great people. Just because one person believes they are done with their class, does not mean the fun stops there. When you enlist in any curriculum, other members are involved. It’s time to not only think of yourself or being selfish and go enjoy the good company of others. Share ideas and suggest to members who are playing their characters, rather than tell them what’s the best choice to show for results. Practice builds improvement. Knowing how a class is designed and how it should be played, is in the hands of the beholder.

Please look us up through Guild Finder and give us a request, please give us at least 24 hours before we give an invitation. Also describe what you do and your plan going forward. Thank you!