Seven Ninjad the Gong

With most classic servers ringing the gong on Tuesday, just wanted to relive this amazing part of Earthen Ring history.


I wasn’t even on ER when AQ opened (I was on Thorium Brotherhood), but this tale pervaded through server history and was known.

The Gong ninja-ing was but one small part of our historical legacy.

  1. Burrfoot Ninja looting.
  2. We Do Not Speak Its Name and getting called by a GM for using alts to support their own Mage forum post.
  3. Storm T. Human’s drama mongering.
  4. Lykis, the dear sweet summer child.

They are all threads that are woven together and create a magnificent tapestry.

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Oh, Lykis. In memorial of him and the old forums:

lykis.ytmnd - context for the uninitiated
lykis5.ytmnd - the pinnacle of Lykis :raised_hands: :crossed_swords: :crown: :notes:

(Add “.com” to the links. Some browsers may not be able to play the sound. Chrome works.)

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Don’t forget Neji

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Everyone please do forget all about Neji… please. :wink: