<Set it to Melt>! Your Shadowlands Guild?

Howdy ya’ll!

I wanted to come on here and tell you about our guild . Our officers have over 10 years of WoW experience and we are very excited about Shadowlands! Currently, we’re expanding our ranks and dabble in a little bit of everything the game has to offer. We’re also looking at building a raid team for Ny’alotha (H and M) to help build cohesion and camaraderie to carry over into Shadowlands. We promote a laid back, drama free environment and want everyone to know they are welcome. Feel free to send a whisper/mail to one of our in-game officers (Blazinraisin/Magusto/Zenitsu/Dippy/Oldrick) for an invite or more information or apply through the guild finding system!

Thank you for your time and see you in Shadowlands!

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This guild is inactive i was one of the leaders. #isolated