Servers down?

Hell ya! I don’t know what I would do without my daily dose of gaming lol! Thank God it’s back up, I might’ve had to actually go out and see people gasp

I just got back in!


but yeah toei had their servers hacked and held at ransom so i think its the same group doing it again as they got away with doing it to toei

Gilneas is back up. Thank you for the quick fix!

Thrall is back up :wink: Thanks Bliz :heart:

Zul’jin (US) is back up

thank you for the quick pick me up…servers are back up at least Ravencrest is

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Every single time the servers have a problem, blizz like “Oh its probbley a Ddos xD” nice way to shift the blame constantly huh

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Don’t think it’s 100% fixed, i just tried to change my logged char and i’m stuck trying to log out, might have to hit alt+f4

I got back into the realm but my main has world server is down error when trying to log in, but I am able to get in on other characters. Never mind I think I just have to move it manually since it’s just one character.

No we don’t. Not even remotely. We used to not provide any details when a DDOS happened and then a few years ago we were able to change our stance and let folks know.

We only state it is a DDOS when we have evidence that it is.

If you notice, Amarlas, I specifically said that we didn’t have confirmation that it was a DDOS.

I don’t have details on what happened here, but I haven’t received any indication that it was a DDOS.


I was kicked out mid raid and now cant even get to the character screen?

Though we’re seeing positive reports, I don’t haven’t seen an all clear yet. We may still be seeing some issues logging in but our teams continue to work on it…


west coast activated!

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yeah still stuck on logging into game server before its says you have been disconnected. guildies even posted a screenshot showing me online in guild status but obviously im not

oh finally able to log on in a52

Just bought a race change, logged in to be booted off… Feels bad man

well the only reason i play this game is because i am a masochist so this works fine for me i enjoy the pain

We haven’t had any additional reports for some time so I’m going to close this one out. Thank you all for your patience.