Server-wide events - Breathing fresh life into Durotan-Ysera

Hello Durotan/Ysera forum members!

I’m newly appointed as Synergy’s GM (A few weeks ago but I’ve been helping run the place for short of a year now in as an unofficial role). It’s taken a while but, I’m fully invested in this position (And finally feeling like I’m actually the GM! Wahoo!). That being said - Synergy needed an overhaul for how they do things and I’m in the works of changing the fundamental structure of how Synergy interacts as a guild. Our slogan “A guild that raids” was always implied that we were more social, but for the past few years now (and even before) we’ve been running more as an actual raiding guild (Without the discipline as other guilds who are deeper into Mythic raiding like y’all!)

This all comes to say that I’m looking to make Synergy a social powerhouse of Durotan-Ysera. An amusement park with many different rides, games, and attractions for any type of player, but not as masterful as a cutting-edge team or a “hardcore raiding guild.”

Why are you telling us this?

I’m working to make server-wide events that guilds can come together and enjoy as groups. Some of these events would (by nature) be more geared towards specific factions depending on the certain event those days (Server-wide Farming nights come to mind). I’ll also be starting to stream in an effort to bring users to the server (if I ever gain any following- I’m hoping the work put into the server events can help bring more and more people to Durotan-Ysera. I’m not holding my breath for Twitch though).

What do I mean by server-wide events?
Server meetups that occur somewhere in Azeroth and can be viewed either in-game with in-game text or (for some) by listening in on voice (in-game voice or the community discord). I have a google document started that I am willing to allow people who are interested to view for some examples of these events as I continue to create more of them.

The first event I have thus far is Loremaster day (Lore of the Land!) - a day where players can learn more about the history of the past expansion. Visit Uther’s Tomb, learn about Uther, the Silver Hand, how was he the first Paladin, etc. Some very light optional RP to show a ritual of respect for him, and then be on your way or mingle with others while the event is happening/has happened. A way to bring the community (both Alliance and Horde) together to start breathing some fresh life into the server. Additionally, with 9.2.5 allowing cross-faction instancing, it would be good for us to start getting to know everyone a bit better.

The second event so far is the Trial of Time. A Trial of the Crusader style tournament which would take the best 10 chosen fighters from each faction and pit them against each other in a 10v10 arena (Gurubashi probably, Darkmoon arena, or anywhere else that we can have a crowd watch). Depending on how many players we have who want to be part of their factions 10 players, it could be a multi-month-long event that pits teams of 2v2. 3v3. 5v5. etc. against each other to determine who will be part of the 10v10 Trial of Time. Once two teams have been decided, the day of the event happens (probably best two out of three for the 10v10) and the winners are (hopefully) given a faction parade by members of the community, as well as given the title of Trial of Time Champions in the discord. With the ability to choose some things for the next “season” of ToT, ie. The next arena/area where the tournament will compete. Even if it’s way above my paygrade to do so, I’d love to find out if some bigger sportscasters have free time once the larger series are done to help out this server with a player-made tournament.

Elixir of Tongues will be fantastic for any events where factions are able to interact. My goal with all of these events is to have a consistent networking event for the server, as well as to bring people back to the game and server. Similar to how Argent Dawn, Moonguard, and Wyrmrest are all well-known servers for their respective reasons, I’d like Durotan-Ysera to become one of those. If this is something that interests you then please feel free to contact me on discord messages (Khileen#1438) or message here! I know largely the Durotan-Ysera community discord has been unutilized by the server for events, I’d like to change that.

If you’re uninterested, totally okay (and feel free to ignore me!), but either way I’ll be attempting to get these types of events going. I don’t have Horde toons so I’m at a bit of a disadvantage for knowledge on Horde side stuff, but I’m going to attempt what I can to bring players of both factions together.

The events I have on my google document are mostly complete, with some needing to be fine-tuned here and there, but largely the only thing that’s needed now is support on the organizational side. Time frames for these events, as well as a massive promotion for these things. Even if faction leaderships aren’t interested, I’ll still be checking in with Synergy to see who would be interested to help me lead these events. I hope to see as many of you as possible attending the events!

Thanks for your time and sorry for the giant WALL OF TEXT! (Also I’ve put in a ticket to check about realm mergers since we’re largely a “low pop” server. I know a year or two ago that was questioned in BFA. Hopefully, a merger is on the horizon)

Hope to hear from you all!

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