Server Transfers Solution

Just reroll dude.

edit: I mean… how good of friends could you be if you all rolled on your own realms with no concern for where the others were playing?


Me and my friends rerolled to the same low pop realm… Why would your friends reroll to different realms??


Not everybody wanted to reroll. Everybody thinks this is so simple. I wouldn’t reroll because I knew the server would eventuallly slow down

I get that, but you can’t force your friends to play together. Also allowing free transfers to w/e realms people want would cause alot of problems.

You’re level 31reroll lmao. Games been out like a week you’ll be fine.

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This is pinned to the top of the Classic Discussion forums…been there for a little bit now.

I say a lil bit - it was pinned 15 hrs ago. Hope it helps.

… Why didn’t you move with them when it became apparent they couldnt play on whatever server you were on, and why is your decision to stay blizzards problem?

Because some people leveled past 10 there first day. You can’t relate to that undertaking.

I knew it, lol. They’re bending over backwards to try to please people … but for some it’ll never be enough. :laughing:


… I leveled to 10 on Herod on Monday and never got back on. I’m 21 on bene now. You know the forum avatar levels don’t update automatically right? Ugh am I supposed to to be impressed by your awesome leveling prowess and hardcore wow abilities? What a tool.

Edit to reflect my miraculous boost from level 10 to level 21 on my forum avatar…

You didn’t understand the point.

It was that some people invested time and don’t want to reroll.

Now that i’ve spelled it out for you. cAN u UnDErsTAnd?

Im not rerolling. I won’t intentionally fall even further behind the curve. My time is very valuable aswell.

So that’s definitely their choice. The facts are that everyone has had servers available with zero queue from Tuesday on. Anybody who plays on an overpop server chooses to do so. They decided to value their hours of time invested over playing with their friends. Sounds like a crappy friend to me and it also sounds like not my problem.


IMO it’s kind of silly to not just wait to play with your friends. I could see hey, I cant get in so I’m gonna mess around on a different server for the first week or so until the queue times get better. Abandoning friends for 5 days of play seems a little impulsive and short-sighted

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Its the lazy, self absorbed mentality that retail players brought with them.


Yeah some of us are pretty pissed that anybody rerolled. But what can I say some people can only play during peak times

Put me in the “I just don’t get it” camp. My friends and I reserved names on Whitemane. It was apparent pretty early on that it was going to be crazy, so we all rolled Fairbanks. Over the first two days, some of us got in and leveled, others didn’t. When it was apparent queues weren’t going to work with people’s schedules, those who got in decided to sacrifice the countless hours they had put into their level 10 characters, and now we’re all playing together. Sorry you have bad friends or that you’re too selfish to move for your friends.


I don’t understand this either. Why didn’t you guys all just roll a character on another server if you didn’t want to wait in queues?

All of my friends and I are on the same server. We just waited through the queues, knowing that queues would eventually go away.

So, when they didn’t want to wait to get in the server, you all didn’t call each other and say, “hey, how about if we just make some toons on this other server?”

BTW, Launch was not screwed up. They posted server status once they began filling up, and they posted they were adding servers. The one thing they did not want to do is to end up with 241 servers with most of them dead (see retail).

It is very simple. Either do what you did and roll on a server knowing it would die down, or roll a new character on a different server.

Our whole guild stuck out the long queue times because we wanted to be on a specific server that we knew would have a healthy pop down the road. Not one person complained.

I leveled one toon past 10 on day one while I waited for my friend, and then started a second when she came online on Tues. It wasn’t difficult.

Then find a server to all play together when they are online and go back to your toons on the other server when they are not.

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yeah, falling behind the “curve” is not really a thing in classic. you literally have months of time to level before you should feel like you are left behind. Besides you’re only lvl 30, you dont hit the halfway point till 50 ><;

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Yeah this isn’t a Blizzard problem, anyone who is experiencing what you’ve addressed here brought it on themselves.

Like you said, Kiwi(love the name, so cute!!) in a nutshell, it’s up to us as players to communicate with one another, and ultimately determine which is more worth it, keeping the character you’ve been working on even though you know that some ppl are missing out on your grp, or discuss another server to go to and start from there.

Blizzard has already made a concession and is allowing for free transfers in the next few days/weeks for ppl who want to move off the more populated servers.

But ppl want to blame everyone else but the ones who are ultimately at fault. When this all first started becoming an issue in the forums I kinda felt sorry for everyone b/c of all the excitement. Now I’m just like - you ppl have no experience in communication with your friends, or just want to complain and make Blizzard the fall guy…to which this time at least, Blizzard isn’t the culprit.

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