Server transferring from a dead server, horde looking for guild!

So I’ve decided that my only real option at the moment will be to get a paid character transfer and get onto a larger server and into a more competitive guild !

I’m currently playing a a fury warrior and almost have a mage to 60 as well.

At any rate I’m fully MC geared and have done very little BWL because of some real life issues during the whole coronavirus quarantine.
To be honest I’ve also found myself on a very small server and the only competitive guild on the server is currently full on melee dps.

I have experience and extensive knowledge of all of the vanilla content and my logs can be found under the character “ghostwar” on the windseeker server!

Thanks for any and all interest I’m really hoping to find a competitive, skilled, yet consistent and fun group to link with especially for the coming content, things like war games, and pvp in BC is Gonna be huge for me!!

Contact me on discord at ghostwar#1538

Pagle is closed for xfers Character Transfer Restrictions -- Updated 21 August

Saw that, ended up going to atiesh