Server Sizes

How many players will the servers hold? How many players would the layers hold? I’ve heard the number 2,500. I would ideally like it to be more than that, with a minimum of 3,000 and maximum 5,000.

I believe having the PERFECT amount of players per server and layer is extremely paramount to the success of the game. Too few players and the world feels empty and boring. Too many players and the world feels overcrowded and a bit scramble for resources.

I’d personally take overcrowding than under-crowding (having too many players is not as big of a deal as having too few players), but does anyone know the actual numbers Blizzard is hoping for?

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With layering I don’t think there will be a max size. Afterward… yeah somewhere around 3000 is what’s commonly thought.

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Their goal is to make servers start at 10-12k from the start and have 5k when the tourists leave. Something to that effect atleast.

It should be around 3k, assuming Blizzard is interested in creating an authentic experience. There will probably be considerably more on a server at launch, since Blizzard seems to expect most players will hate the game and leave.

If it’s around 3k; then there is gonna be like 30 servers…
Especially if they want to remove layering after few weeks. I doubt that on every servers 80% of the tourists will leave

We’ll have huge server size, like 10k.

I have to imagine that after layering goes away, final populations will vary between 1k-7 or 8k, depending on where streamers are, and things of that nature.

Blizzard’s numbers were “about” 2000 with an elastic cap up to 3000, according to Mark Kern.

What you want is irrelevant because we are getting Vanilla realm caps.

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There is a max layer cap, and we will still get queues. Patrick Dawson confirmed that in the Staysafe interview.

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Sounds like what he wants is vanilla realm caps, which we aren’t getting anyway because layering

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True…but after layering if your server has a healthy pop of 10k you will be experiencing queues with 3k online in server pop

Minimum 3000 maximum 5000, is not Vanilla. It’s double what we had at the high end.

we don’t know but as the stress tests show they can bearly hold 500 in one spot so… ya…

Blizzard hasn’t released this information yet so nobody knows.

And chances are, even once Classic is release they won’t release this information. Much like they never released it during vanilla timeline

I’m curious how they plan to hit those numbers without initial server queues / caps

What happens with the streamer servers, if they get 30k+ players online concurrently, removing layering isnt gonna be easy

You think theres only going to be 90k people?

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I don’t know if they’re expecting them to hate it and leave, or rather they’re expecting most Retail players to play Classic more casually, when they’re taking a break from the Retail game, for instance, or coming in now and then to unwind a bit, while the number of Classic players keeping with Classic alone will go down.

They’ve repeatedly said they want Vanilla numbers.

They already said they will have queues and layer caps. There will never be a 30,000 player server.

Does no-one ever actually watch the Dev Interviews?

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Server caps?

The server size is VERY, VERY important. Blizzard doesn’t know what an MMO is these days. If they under-populate, the game will feel dead and boring. This is a VERY important issue that is not getting enough attention.

Effectively the same thing.

If layers are capped at 3000, and you have a maximum number of layers, that sets a realm cap by multiplying the two numbers.

Patrick said that there will be queues, because they can’t just have unlimited layers, or the realm won’t collapse back down to the numbers they want, in the first few weeks.

Based on what Omar said about layers, they’re expecting to only have “a few” layers.