Server Realm Status

The Realm Server status page does not accurately reflect server uptimes. I’m showing green for my server but in the login console it says all servers are down.


I also cannot login and the reals says its up. Did they extend maintenance ?

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maintenance was until 11 today, and it’s just turning 11 now. But also, same.

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OK, now they are late lol.

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Looks like they moved the goalpost again. 12:00 PM PST now.

Looks like it’s coming up now

Nope. All realms are down until 12 pm

yeah bnet says another hour

Ah, shame. Got excited when I got through to server list

Days like today make me hate working 2nd shift. Game will probs be ready to play as I’m walking out the door :man_facepalming:

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Bro did you even read my OP?

Don’t understand why it’s taking so long on a regular tuesday with no new content being released… Are they finaly adressing the layering issues or something??

Servers are up now!

responding to the other people, your thread became a discussion on servers coming back lmao

Maybe the servers are due for a thorough dusting. Maybe they’re laying in super-preliminary 10.2 server content. Maybe someone tripped over a power cord and now some servers need extra time to reboot and rebuild filesystems or databases.