Server Locks are lame. I want to play with my friends

See title.

Being unable to provide service because of actions that players were allowed to take (filling servers) is cap af. Server locks are a very bad vibes solution.

Not being able to play with your friends and the guilds or pugs you want to, extreme server queues, etc are not in the “spirit of classic”. Surely there are solutions that fit in with the spirit of the old game that don’t include boxing the player base off so severely.


Yea blizz blamed the players for creating the megaserver problem, yet blizz allowed transfers in the first place

We all pay $15 a month yet they somehow can’t afford to upgrade the infrastructure? what other game costs $15 a month?

Blizz are to blame for the server debacle and the queues (i just got a queue on bene yesterday)


Sure … say they hypothetically open up the servers today.

We currently have this and a couple other threads complaining about the server locks.

As soon as the queues erupted again, we’d have 100x the number of threads complaining about them.

It’s a no-win situation.

Personally, I’d rather have servers locked than queues. I’d especially prefer to have the sparse threads complaining about the locked servers than the influx of threads complaining about the same thing repeatedly.


What do you believe those viable solutions would look like?
Any details? Honestly, brainstorming here might help.

I don’t get paid to work on this game full time. I’m a customer expressing dissatisfaction.

That’s fine.
Sometimes a service provider can better tailor a workable solution if all parties constructively engage in a dialog. Just trying to facilitate that.

Have you had a chance to review this post from one of the Classic developers? This is their pov regarding the technical challenges.

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what friends, exactly?


Is locking servers not an answer to this problem?


No player was forced to transfer when these became available, don’t blame blizzard for player lack of self control.


This requires brains.


Love the understatement. There are a lot of threads about this, just like people wanting RDF. But there’s always people like you who will understate the situation to make people think there is no problem.

The ones made through the current LFG system. Remember, spamming “LFG X” is social interaction and making friends.

If only there was some easy solution that was implemented in the original Wrath that would fix this… I think it was called “Cross-Realm connections”?

Comparing this to the RDF crowd is absolutely comical.

I see a thread pop up about locked servers maybe once or twice a week.

When there were server queues the forums were erupting with people pissed.

You can keep living under a rock if you think I’m minimizing and claiming there’s no problem.

I’m going to pick the lesser of two evils in comparison between locked servers and queues.

I still have screenshots somewhere of my sitting in a queue for 4+ hours.

Found it:

You’re delusional if you think unlocking servers is the solution to successful gameplay for the average player base.

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All of these servers were open before launch, maybe your friends should have invited you sooner.

I saw 12 hour queue screenshots. People were getting in queue when they woke up so they could play when they returned from their jobs at the end of the day.

People asking for these servers to be unlocked are completely unaware of the scale of the problem, or maybe they just don’t care.


My friend’s have rerolled servers for me. I’ve rerolled for them.


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Also worth mentioning that it’s very likely the queues will return in force when phase 2 starts, even without unlocking the servers.

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Yeah, they’re delusional on a whole different level.

i’d be happy if they let me transfer my other characters to my main server (faerlina)

** hands you mirrior **

“blizzard wasnt forced to open paid transfers, dont blame the players for blizzards lack of self control and greed”

you can be petulant all you want, doesn’t make my statement false and doesn’t make yours true.