Server Issues for TBC Pre-Patch Launch

With the server issues faced today, are there any additional details the Blizzard team could share with their customers? I think communication at the very least might help here.

I would like to suggest something that may help both parties involved here. Some people may understand the technical details and some might not, but at the very least the effort helps and adds value. Moreover, communication can always be improved upon in the future, ideally setting up a path that leads to a better relationship between Blizzard and their paying customers.

At this point, it seems something may have gone wrong in the process to deploy the new expansion pre-patch to the production servers, although it may be another reason. I don’t know for sure without Blizzard’s input, if they are willing and able to provide it. Ultimately we have to respect their decision at the end of the day but I’d hope to see a productive outcome from here on out.

Would love to hear any thoughts. Have a great day/night everyone

EDIT: I initially posted this without realizing/seeing the post by Kaivax. That post provides a lot of helpful information and good communication.

However, reading this issue, it seems like some better planning/testing/release strategy could be considered to help ensure reliability around future deployments. Maybe reviewing some architecture/code quality. Or maybe the business shouldn’t commit to dates that IT isn’t ready for, or maybe it is IT who projected an inaccurate date – either way, failure should always provide an opportunity to learn and improve the system. I just hope Blizzard both recognizes + takes those opportunities.

The update post is linked here Very Extended Maintenance

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