Server is losing balance

This server used to be one of the most balanced near 50-50 aliance horde ratio.
Now i see a lot more horde players at outland. Dark portal event was dominated by horde for hours.
Why is this happening? Im very worried about it, faction balance is vital for a healthy world pvp, In addition, the imbalance ends up being fedbacked due to the fact that the players in the minority faction ends migrating to another realm. :disappointed_relieved: :hugs:

P.S. sorry if my english is not great, not my primary languaje

Every boosters, like myself ,probably chose this server solely based b/c it was balanced. We just chose the side less ppl are choosing who are coming in boosting.

Just be patient. We are dealing with layers right now. When the gates opened many alliance were choosing alliance heavy layers to play on such as layer 2.

A lot of alliance guilds transferred here very recently. We will see what the balance is like when etc updates start but I bet it’s still close to 50/50 at right now.

idk, I’m horde here and it still seems super even. I see about the same amount of horde/alliance and I’m entering Blade’s Edge, been this way the whole time. Skirmishes usually go back and forth too, no side is usually that dominant for long. My only regret is that most of my friends don’t play here, otherwise Earthfury has basically been perfect

Oh uhhh posting on my classic character

it just seems that way because alliance die so fast it makes horde look like they have more players

People tend to die quickly when a pack of 3-7 of you animals zug zug them while they’re fighting mobs. Ive never seen it any other way lmao.

blame slander

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Definitely seems to be Horde favored right now from everything I have seen.

Its just going to get worse. Once dailies get released and horde over run them, alliance will start transferring off.

lol transferring to where exactly?

Believe it or not, some people will transfer to a 100% alliance ran pvp server or to a pve server.

I’m leaving the server, balance is too lopsided.

Will get worse.

Blood Elves are why we cant have nice things. Open up the free horde xfers already

It’s because there are multiple layers that are probably not balanced or at least doing the best they can.

overall the world isnt too bad but when content gets thin and horde get bored watch out. Getting ganged up on is quite common even if the player starting the fight didn’t intend to as horde sees fighting they join.

On the other hand the more alliance defend a gank obviously the more horde join but they just have more. So that makes alliance stay put and hope not to aggro the endless horde mobs.