Server is fine

Stop whining. If you want to transfer you have the ability to. Stop begging for a free out just because you made the decision to play on a FRESH realm and aren’t happy that a majority of our server is casual. Server is alive and well sub level 68. Northrend is slowly populating.

You want the megaserver feel, go to one of the megaservers. Skyfury is going to be low pop as soon as Asmon and the rest of the Skyfury streamers stop playing for Dragonlands. Stop begging for a free out because of a decision YOU made.


Considering this server has close to 2500+ level 80 characters and another 12k+ leveling (Of course alts included), the server really isn’t dead. LFG is consistently flowing with people looking to do content throughout the level ranges, picking up pugs for heroics and to fill last minute spots has been fairly easy.

Would I transfer to another realm, No. I don’t set myself to want to “fanboy” over an internet personality on certain “Streamer” servers, nor do I want to sit in multiple hour queue’s for a chance to do any end game content.

Majority of the people that are complaining about not being able to do anything are 9 times out of 10 not looking for it, or not looking for it properly, or have annoyed so many people by abusing different chat functions (ie - using LFG chat as the new trade chat and being ignored / blocked by people for being obnoxious). People now a days are to used to being able to buy a WoW token to get them mythic carried or spending gold on Arena / Raid carries for gear even level boosting (which was removed for wotlk classic). What’s the point of buying and playing a game just to have someone else do it for you 80% of the journey?

My encounters with the opposite faction are consistent all hours of the day, as well as engaging in random bots that glitch and get stuck while farming or moving along popular farming routes (which have been recorded and reported).

All in all I feel like Angerforge could do better, but compared to the server I played on for Wrath release, it feels extremely similar population wise. Servers like this are all about networking, getting to know people through socializing. Meeting new players on pick up heroics or finding someone to replace a mia for raid. Your words and your actions will reflect heavily (reputation) on how the community will interact with you throughout the expansion.


Very real and true


Literally nobody anywhere is asking for free xfers? This is just a strawman, also a lot of people who ended up on angerforge had no other choice as the other servers were locked.

Passive Aggressive gonna be punching the air when they have nobody left on the server to complain about. You guys whine and cry more than anyone else whether it be on the forums or in-game chat. I understand it’s the minority, and most people in your guild are probably chill.

Usually when people are this annoying they have some sort of skill or experience to back it up, so you guys really confuse me.


Huh? Couldn’t hear you over the sound of your GM ninja looting Betrayer of Humanity

All other NA PvP servers were locked when I created my character. Now this server is very hard to find groups for any content. I don’t see many people in TBC, Shatterath is empty

This is a joke right? Because if you haven’t noticed the only people agreeing with you and only people on this forum is from alliance. Horde side is completely at a stale mate. There is no one leveling you are lucky to find a dungeon group within 2 hours. impossible to find people with proffessions and don’t get me started with the Auction House. I don’t know if you check population sites but it is Dead not dieing its already dead.

Transferred to Eranikus. There are far more people and far less bads. Don’t miss AF at all.

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There’s one more bad now.