Server Incompatibility

All servers on the US shows that they’re incompatible for me to connect to, anybody else having this problem?

I did not notice anything yesterday, but was not on long. Everything normal here!

It still gives me the same problem, idk what to do, im apparently incompatible

That’s… very awkward to hear.

I dunno, is your client up to date? Has it downloaded the latest patch? Did you need a fresh install? This may be a job for real tech support from blizzard.

Through all of my attempts nothing is working, and blizzard support isnt helping, I want to talk to a person and not an automated machine.

They are kind of busy right now with realm mergers. The system in place is the customer support forums, or tech support. We cannot help you here. Wish I could offer some advice.

If they do anything it will be tell you to go completely out of game, reboot your pc, then try again. If that does not work, battlenet might need to be updated, or your machine is telling you its time for a new pc. Any number of problems can cause this.

I know you are frustrated, I feel for you. But even a customer support person cannot do much from a distance. They eliminated a lot of CS positions and went to an automated system to stop people from screaming at employees, or something like that! Who knows?