Server imbalances

I know this has been a topic of conversation for some time now, and many possible resolutions have been presented.

Compared to many people who play, I am relatively new to the game, but I wonder how a multibillion dollar company was not able to figure out how to control this issue in the 1st place?!?! I am unsure how it would be corrected now, as it stands, so it would be up to the company to reach a resolution with the proper outcome.

That being said… IMO, the best action would be to cap the amount of horde/alliance allowed on each server. So, as new people begin to sub, they should have to pick a faction 1st and then be given a list of realms that are not “faction capped” already.

Also, I don’t understand why when people unsub, they have the luxury of keeping the character name locked to that realm. My guild transferred servers, because of faction imbalance, and many of us had to change/alter our names because the name we had was taken, although none of those names are that of actual raiding characters on the realm. Even after months on the new server, there has been no sign of the toons with given names in question.

Obviously, the biggest issue here is server imbalance, but the fact that many of us have been forced off our servers because of this issue, and in a way lost our in-game identity, is just a trickling effect of the original issue.

I don’t have the answer to correcting the problem blizzard created by not taking action initially, but if a resolution is reached, my suggestion is a way to stabilize the issue in the long run. I understand some possible solutions could be a small revenue loss for blizzard, but it will be significantly worse if this continues and people continue to unsub because of it. People are fed up with the issue; I see it all over the place (we all do), and something needs to be done to fix it and soon.


Blizz doesn’t care because they rake in transfer money.


I understand that, but I also know a lot of people had their guilds transfer and unsubbed rather than follow.

I will admit I transferred some of my toons, but some are still left behind because they didn’t contribute to my needs in-game, at that point.

Don’t get me wrong, I love the game and enjoy playing with my guildies/friends; but if my current server has the same imbalance my former one did, I will not pay for another transfer and I have a feeling many feel the same way. I would much rather unsub than pay blizzard more money when this is a problem they created and have refused to come up with a satisfactory solution. If they continue to ignore our requests for a resolution and sweep this under the rug, as if there is nothing wrong, they will eventually lose out on more money than there will be to gain from server transfers.

My guild left too and I’m not giving blizz a single cent to fix a problem they caused. So I get to restart or quit. Thanks Blizz.

Edit: My reply is for TBCC, which this must be about right? Since SoM has no transfers. You might want to edit and change the forum.

Same. You’re right. Even if Blizzard couldn’t figure it out people were talking about it everywhere going back to June 2021.

They knew and they have even said they knew.

There have been a few people offering suggestions on the forums and that’s great they are trying to make things better. The state of how things are right now isn’t great for people who don’t like the current environment (some like it and are happy and can be nasty to those who don’t). I don’t have high hopes anymore but if a positive change happens that will helps people that’s good.

You’ll usually get responses saying this is all on the players and Blizzard didn’t do anything wrong so expect that. There are lots of Blizzard defenders on here. I personally blame both.

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who would have thought the side the OP class would be what everyone runs to

Paragraphs, dude.

And the answer is that Activision/Blizzard is a terrible game design company that is either corrupt, incompetent, or both.


Who cares? If that’s too much for you to read then you need to go back to school.

It’s not necessarily that it’s too much; it’s more that it’s irritating - similar, perhaps, to when someone is speaking in a very monotonous way.


I need to go back to school because someone else writes poorly?


Is that better for your puny little boy brain to handle. Sorry, I didn’t realize I needed to be grammatically and punctually correct on an online forum.

Maybe try and be nice and have enough respect to stick to the forum topic or just move on. Maybe if people would stop with the ridicule and actually address the issue at hand, we could possibly come up with a solid resolution and make blizzard pay attention.

Although, I am sure you don’t give a damn, rolling on a PVE server and all…

Do they have irony on PvP servers?


Amazing input… I’m sure this will really help with the issue at hand…

No need to get so testy. I actually agree with your OP.

It was less “input” and more “question”.


The dev response in this thread addressed concerns you have raised. Might not agree but it does attempt to explain their reasons.

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I’m not trying to repeat and I did reply earlier to what you addressed. You really should consider visiting the TBCC forums here:
Latest WoW Classic/Burning Crusade Classic Discussion topics - World of Warcraft Forums (

What you are talking about is a really common topic and concern on the TBCC forum. For Classic/SoM, which is this forum, we have our server discussions but they aren’t the same.

You could recreate your topic on the TBCC forum or edit your original post and change the forum to that one.

I’m just saying this because you may get a better response there, and yes Asma is correct about that being what Blizzard had to say recently. I do understand where you are coming from.


No. Too many concussions.


Noooo, really?!?! I was being facetious, lol