Server: Earthfury, Issue: PVP in neutral towns, no guards

A guild on Earthfury, , is killing Horde in Area 52 with no guards coming to punish them. They are preventing the Horde from doing anything in Area 52. Is there anything to be done about this?

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group up and kill them.
PvP solution to PvP problem.


If you mean will Customer Support intervene on a PvP realm in a PvP situation? No, I’m afraid not. That is the risk of playing on a PvP realm, you very well may encounter a situation where members of the opposite faction outnumber or overpower you.

A PvP solution would be the only viable solution by finding other members of the Horde to fight back those attacking.


The city is bugged and isn’t spawning npcs to prevent this. Are you guys not going to make up for the fact it’s bugged?

If you are encountering a bug, Olus, the best course of action is to report it so our QA team can take a look.

No, CS will not be able to patrol an area because the guards may not be acting as expected. Sorry.

I’ll check to see if QA is already aware of this one, but I’d recommend submitting a bug report as well.


There are no Horde helping, I have asked in guild, lfg, and zone. Zero interest and the Alliance continue to degrade gameplay experience.

I get the pvp is pvp, but guys, they’re literally preventing people from questing. This isn’t pvp, this is just maliciousness.

Best advice is go quest elsewhere i know its not ideal but sooner or later they will get bored and moved on.

Looks like this should have been fixed, maybe the maintenance tomorrow will take care of it


Thanks, Donz. I just found that post. As far as I can tell the update should go in with restarts tomorrow.


It is the risk of playing on a PvP realm. Sometimes people will get a bug and for whatever the reason, go in and just take over an area. Is it a jerk move? Yes. But they’re not really breaking any rules, unfortunately. They’re creating a stir, and perhaps in their minds if they keep at it long enough, they’ll get a group that really pushes back and voila! PvP. Is it annoying for those caught in the crossfire? Sure is. But there are other places to quest.


Zone disruption is literally a reportable offense, unless Blizzard’s reporting system is lying to me…

Typically, PVP is not zone disruption, and in order to qualify for zone disruption I believe it has to go for days and days, and impact the stability of the server.

There is no report function for for this in the UI.


Yes, but participating in PvP through the normal PvP mechanics isn’t exactly considered zone disruption.

They aren’t exploiting to accomplish their tasks, the bruisers simply aren’t working the way they normally do, through no efforts from those fighting.

I understand the frustration, Olus, but we aren’t punishing people for participating in PvP. As noted already, the hotfix that will have the Area 52 Bruisers engage combatants should activate with regional restarts… that would be tomorrow’s maintenance.


Odd… I am alliance and I spent the last 3 days unable to leave the inn on one character because Horde was not only ganking everyone in town… they were spawn killing the graveyard. Do like I did… just transfer to a pve server. Although Earthfury is heavily horde so you have that advantage there.