Server Discord

Is there a Server Discord?

I just transferred over from another server and they had one. It seemed to really boost the server and communication between guild leaders and the community. If we have one cool, if not I will see about making one.

hmm… I’ve only been back 6 months… but haven’t seen anything about one.

I see so many different servers when playing in game though… it’s hard to tell who’s left on greymane / tanaris. I like the idea, but i am of the 5% that’s not interrested in gear/loot/progression stats… sooooo…

That’d be an interesting idea, I don’t think we actually have a server Discord. I’d be down to relay it to my guild members if you were to make it

Sounds like a good idea. Somebody should make one.

I’ve got one made, but can’t use links over the forums. How should we get the link out there besides using trade?

Edit: Add Emily#7381 on Discord and I’ll send you an invite

You can post a link here. Simply put a space in the HTML link. Most people will figure out how to delete the space.

Just didn’t want to on the off chance that it broke forum rules. Here’s the link, I’m still working on it and taking suggestions for what to add/fix. https://

… it is done… and quiet…

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