Server dead?

I have a this mage, a 472 Dh tank, and a 468 sin rogue that I am looking to bring over. With that my buddy is coming with me as a 473 bear tank and various alts.

We have been scouting to see where we would like to end up as current things with our guild are not working out and our server besides one big guild is pretty dead.

Was hoping to pop in here and see if I get any responses from guilds that are recruiting.

We are AOTC raiders every tier since vanilla (I know aotc wasn’t a thing back then just easiest ways to describe it) and have a very solid understanding of our mains and have no issue swapping roles with efficiency.

Hey there. Apotheosis has been active in the top guilds on this server since vanilla with the same raid lead. We will be continuing to raid into Shadowlands. Since we’ve cleared all heroic content AOTC we’re playing in mythic right now - 3/12. Feel free to PM me in game if you’d like to talk more or hop into our Discord at 6VM8rQp.