Server consolidation

Is there anything in the works for smaller servers to get consolidated? Westfall has had several guilds transfer recently and it is becoming a bit of a ghost town…

since it’s in 5 days it’s unlikely that more will be added.

I find literal 5 man groups while randomly questing in numerous zones. Just wait until Wrath drops, our server will be fine.

True as that may be, other servers are hurting far worse than yours.

Server consolidation can only help, not hurt.

Ok i take that back this is Blizzard we are talking about here they could find a way to ruin a wet dream.

But consolidating the servers i still feel is a good enough idea to warrant some thought and discussion.

Eh, there’s negatives to it too

Servers are being shut down, not consolidated. Any players still on those servers will be moved to a server of Blizzard’s choosing.

Not a chance.

Earthfury isn’t even on the list and there is only 1 guild left.

They haven’t updated the US list in 9 months.

Great question, Blizzard said:

The first thing happened, the second thing didn’t.

Now to be fair maybe they didn’t think free transfers were needed on the PVE servers with the “wherever appropriate” line.

They did update about the PVE to PVP transfers (because yeah we need more people on Benediction and Faerlina… like that really helps… anything at all) but not this.

They later updated the list to include Arcanite Reaper even though Reaper was on the list (and still is) and that realm never existed. So that kind of oversight really makes you wonder.

What I will say is that when free transfers off get offered the server will die, if you like the community and a smaller server feel that’s not a great thing. When people come back for Wrath that might help. If you don’t care you don’t care I guess.

Realm closers were announced less than 9 months ago O.o

Do we know yet which servers people will be moved to?

Yeah, but they took the list from the first group of servers they gave free xfers. Which was about 9 months ago.

Any servers not on that list that had died since that original list was created are still excluded… never to be thought of again.

And they just copy and pasted that original list for the consolidation, instead of doing a complete reevaluation of the situation.

They did add a server to the NA pool and 1 or more to EU

Holy crap they did.

Unsure why earthfury isnt on the list… odd

I hear you. RFB just transferred off Westfall 2 days ago. The hope that pre-patch/Wotlk will restore the population doesn’t make any senseto me. The ppl likely to “come back” are the same ppl who had once quit and are therefore likely to quit again. If you want to play with more players who enjoy playing the game then try to make a move. Westfall is dying fast

Most likely the servers that the free transfers were available to.

They actually didn’t for NA. They had Reaper on the list day one and later added Arcanite Reaper. The Reaper server doesn’t exist. Someone removed Arcanite from the front of the name when that first list got published. So no actual servers got added but somehow they didn’t figure that out as the company that runs the servers either.

Not sure about EU though you may be right there.

Edit: OK I checked the EU list and they did add Razorgore which does seem to be a real change but they also left Hydraxian Waterlords up over backlash (good) so the total number is the same.

Can we just talk about why on earth, other than MONEY, are people able to xfer to benediction. This is the most obvious and pitiful cash grab I’ve ever seen.

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