Server activity here?

I’m currently leveling Alli on Fairbanks and am tired of long queues and rough ganking nights (I don’t mind the occasional uphill battle but that server feels like suicide sometimes)

I’m thinking of this server or Kurinnaxx since they’re around ~5000 per ironforge-dot-pro past two weeks stats. Otherwise I’d go to Anathema and they’re around ~1200. My perfect realm would be around 3000 and relatively balanced but looks like we’re not seeing that anytime soon in US West.

Does this server ever feel overcrowded? Inflated economy? I know Alliance is outnumbered but is it awful? Doesn’t seem too bad numbers wise. If Ally is active enough I’m super down to contribute to the underdog side.

I have the same question. I just started here alliance side and am determining if this is the right home or if I want the alliance experience I should just go ahead and choose a PvE server. Thanks in advance for responses :slight_smile:

How did it go? Interested in knowing the same things.

Also curious about Thunderfury…

I have been playing on Thunderfury consecutively for the past few weeks and it honestly isn’t that bad. There is a huge population in Stormwind and Ironforge with a great community so far. I occasionally get ganked by Horde, but it’s not unbearable to where I can’t quest or play. I would recommend this server for Alliance.

Me and some buddies xfered here last week, we came from Heartseeker which as you all know is like 98% alliance and we haven’t seen any WPVP since really P2. After being here a little over a week, I can honestly say its been a great experience! There is plenty of WPVP if you want it, I think the horde here mainly seem focused on PVE at least that’s what I’ve seen so far.

I think you will find this server has a great mix, we all sure agree it was a great move for us!

Good Luck!

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