Seriously Though, some clarity about CC NR craftables

As somebody that has all the mats for Ironvine/Bramblewood and Sylvan Shoulders sitting on an alt; I’m okay with this decision.

I’d much rather see AQ as a multi-week progression than just steamrolling it in one night.

So it’s fine with me if this gear comes out a few months later before Naxx.


I give it an hour, hour and half before it’s cleared, mostly due to travel time.

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Hah, maybe by people that have done it before sure, but for the rest of us new to AQ, it should be a good challenge.

I raided 15 years ago. I know how it progresses lol. I would rather not have to go through the entire “artificially lower raid dps by forcing them all to use a ton of sub standard gear in literally every single slot” thing again.

There is an entire timeline comparison post in this forum. They were released super fast. I assume you saw the forums around that time. The server exoduses mostly from the alliance side (but there were a couple Alliance heavy servers). I am not even saying they were wrong to release them early. Mainly just saying they sped that timeline up.

It is going to be a steamroll for the guilds that have been able to get enough dragon kills. It will be harder for guilds that haven’t. It is a much larger population on the servers now.

I get the entire “we steamroll faster” angle. That’s true and maybe Huhuran will end up being one that can be blitzed down. I simply don’t like the fact that because Blizzard made a mistake the first time with regards to craftable NR patterns that they need to repeat that same mistake.

I can get the NR gear btw. But it is irritating that I had the 70 NR from Bramblewood planned and now I have to farm additional runs to fill in those blanks with multiple additional slots. Honestly, it might just be better to bring more hunters and have them soak the damage #sigh.

Most guilds in Vanilla weren’t running 20 fury warriors, largely because most tanks were prot and basically nobody knew how to keep threat off fury warriors.

Most boss fights were taking 4-5x longer back then.

Huhuran’s going to be a joke, she never had much health to begin with and warriors will melt her, if they prepop a gr nature pot and then pop another during the fight that’ll easily handle all the incoming damage.

Frankly, I think that’d be overkill tbh, we barely needed any resist gear so far other than tanks.

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It would be nice if this is the case. I guess we’ll find out when the gates open.

Well, then you should know what to expect. Happy gaming.

Should have checked ahead. We’ve known this from the beginning.

Huhu has the same amount of HP as Firemaw/Ebonroc. The enrage phase will last 10-20 seconds. Man up, buttercup, you don’t need catch up gear day one.

honestly it may not even be needed, greater nature pot and magic resist pot may be all you need with a token piece or two of NR, we do WAY more dps than the average player back in the day so we may just burn through it without issue.

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but classic is easy who needs reisit I hear you don’t even need it for naxx

Thank you.

That is likely true. It doesn’t change the fact that I would like to cover my bases and covering them just got a whole lot harder for classes that can’t wear mail for no other reason than “we don’t actually have the meeting notes for why this gear was released for Naxx, but we will assume it is catch up gear.”

RIP making money on crafting professions.

R.I.P. to the rep farmers who spent so much gold getting revered/exalted for the patterns…lol

With the average raid doing like 200% of the dps of the average raid in vanilla, due to better gearing/spec knowledge, better internet connections, increased consumable usage, and by stacking ridiculously OP world buffs, I think we’ll be fine without them releasing this “catch-up gear” early.


PERSONALLY I’d prefer to, in this scenario, to release it with phase 6 to recreate as much of the original feeling of AQ as possible. Especially since now players are generally pushing out much better numbers, in all roles, than they were back then so I think it’s quite fine to hold off on it until p6

I’ve actually profitted from it as I refuse to spend a cent on rep. crafted 10 pairs of the NR bracers @ 15g a pop.

The only people I’d seriously expect to be upset about this are the farmers/crafters who hoped to profit from the cluelessness of ppl who think you need NR gear to kill Huhuran.


now disable world buffs and it really could be a little challenge. anyways… very good desicion blizz o7

whining about naxx nr gear is ridiculous really.


Imagine complaining about not having AQ catch-up gear for AQ in 2020

Ridiculous. The game is already easy enought.

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