Serious Question: How Long?

I’m not going to take anything you say with any value, or even continue to read it since you don’t anything about what you’re talking about, and it being outside your field.

What a joke, no one should listen to this guy, he’s ignorant of how these things actually work.

And now we’ve moved on to ad hominem.

So part of the “fix” was to blacklist a bunch of ISP’s, IP ranges, and apparently linux connections. Bunch of us are unable to connect because servers ignore our packets. FFS.

Where did you see this? Just curious. That is such a basic tactic if it was just a blanket block.

Compelling reason to listen to you. All you’re doing is saying “you’re wrong, you know less than me, and here, enjoy a couple insults as well.” If she’s actually wrong, why don’t you enlighten us?

As someone who joined this thread part way through, you’ve given me no reason to believe you over Celessi or Algolagnist. Being needlessly combative isn’t enough to make someone change their mind, insulting people and entire professions doesn’t prove your point, and so far the only real opinion I’m getting of you is that you’re the type of person I dread having to work it. I don’t mean that as an insult, either. This field has more than a few people who firmly believe they know better than anyone else and refuse to listen to anything that doesn’t adhere to their ideas, and many of them aren’t as great as they’d like to believe.

I’m not going to say you aren’t actually as good or knowledgeable as you keep saying, but I’m certainly not going to believe it without reason.

The TL;DR of this is: the way you approach people you disagree with makes it almost certain that you’ll never come to an agreement or understanding.

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And this thread

I DO database design, implementation, and management professionally. I’m literally in charge of my team that handles this.

Data science is not synonymous with web-based databases. And you’re extremely unlikely to be getting hired to manage Azure databases with a background in data science. That’s way too technical for your background, because now you’re getting into being knowledgeable about cloud servers. I don’t want a masters in data science handling my network, I want someone with a minimum of a Network+ certification for that, while preferring them also have their Security+, and very highly preferring a computer science degree combined with that for the programming knowledge that is required for handling the network.

Your mistake was you found the word “data” and immediately thought of computers. Computers are only a tool that you’d use in the analysis of your data. Not to be confused with a database administrator, who is the person who manages a computerized database.

You’re so far off with what these jobs even do that it’s insanely easy to tell that you don’t do any of this for a living. I know what the people on my team do. And we DO NOT use data scientists in IT. If you really do have that degree, then you were hired into the administration department, where your job is primarily business analytics.

Stop lying to us, we’re not stupid.

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Forgot what I came here for…


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Why do you people never share? We need popcorn too for while we’re reading the idiotic replies that come in.

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Just waiting for my ISP to get unblocked by Blizzard.

I’m sure they’re working with authorities right now.
There’s a saying, prison is full of stupid people who thought they were smarter. Technology is always increasing to catch these people.

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There is tracking, its called follow the call home signal… which once you identify the botnet its easy enough to get inducted into it… Whats harder is shutting it down fully

Wasn’t that Lizard Squad?

Ahh thanks. Guessing whatever service or tools they are using to identify the attacks are flagging the sources as nix or mostly nix , probably iot devices. Would hope its just step 1 blanket step and its quickly followed by a fine tuning. Suprised at this strat though, very basic.


Actually Blizzard can stop DDOS events. They just don’t want to spend the money to do it.

Never go near a network, also Congratulations you build and manage databases in Azure… Which from a management perspective is designed to be as simple as possible to allow high adaptation into market

Hi Widdly. And no, eveything in:

[note: wrong->] “Blizzard could absolutely do something about it by switching to virtual distributed servers through AWS or Google. They would save money if they get rid of some of their datacenters, using a couple as raid backups for the virtual servers. It’s not an issue of cost.” …

…is utterly wrongheaded for compute-bound services. While different models of distributing a service across the backbone topology can mitigate different types of attacks, it’s essentially guaranteed that a company would ideally want to control those datacenters as much as possible, especially when tight control, / coördination or intellectual property is taken into account. Do you have any idea how many vulnerabilities have been found in cloud networks? The measures required to mitigate even just side channel attacks - i.e not sharing your cloud servers at all - tends to immediately sink any hypothetical savings.

So one would absolutely expect a company to create their own fully-controlled cloud service for their exclusive use, not use any other company’s cloud.

Otherwise see Algolagnist’s post, he’s entirely correct.

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You have literally zero knowledge of what you keep claiming about data science because you’re flat wrong. Stop telling me that what I know intimately is somthing else. I deal with a lot of automated databases for data gathering and write all the transactionary rules regarding these databases as well. These are mostly internal (for each client). I’ve also created several hyperledger testbed servers as well recently, that I am currently working for on a project now. These hyperledger fabric servers I set up on, guess what, virtual servers distributed on an internal network to test the p2p transactionary rules I put in.

You’re clueless if you think setting up Azure databases in SMSS and utilizing SRSS is beyond someone studied in data science, it’s literally what we learn about. How are you so ignorant about what data science is? Who let you manage anyone? You probably think designing, building, writing all the rules for, and managing an Azure database is ‘way too technical’ because it’s above your paygrade.

You keep going on about things you know in networking and programming while being totally ignorant to databasing and servers, I’m not going to sit here and tell you how to manage networks like you’re not going to sit there and tell me how virtual distributed databasing works, stop.

Also, I don’t do IT, IT is entry level trivial stuff. Go back to what you know and stop telling others what their job entails or what kind of knowledge is required. Net+ and Sec+? What a joke, I could do most of that at 16 before I even graduated highschool. You work in some IT support department, you don’t know anything about the internal design and function of the processes you monitor and use software to correct.

As for you who keep claiming I keep describing different job roles, my title at my company is Senior Data Engineer, but I consider myself a full stack data scientist.

Also, I’m done arguing with people who don’t have a clue, cya.

A link for you to read a brief synopsis of what data science and engineering is, so you inform yourself and not look stupid (like you do now) whenever you deal with someone whose field it is (if you do) professionally.

mastersindatascience. org/careers/data-engineer/

DDOS is a very expensive attack. Depends on the infrastructure it may cost hundreds of thousand dollars a day. So if it’s a real DDOS, although I think it’s BS, people should have a really good reason to spend that much money.

Widdly seems to be playing a clueless, self-enamored troll rather well (go Horde?) and is entirely missing that the corrections he’s getting are from those who are substantially better qualified to understand the situation than he is, or will trouble to be. No point in feeding a troll.