Serious Issue with Against Overwhelming Odds quest


I’m trying to do the quest Against Overwhelming Odds in Vale of Eternal Blossoms. After taking the quest and going into ‘’war mode’’, I don’t know where to go or how to find the 25 Level 120+ Horde to slay. Do I have to wait for the 25 players to log in (which is a bit ridiculous) or is there a portal I have to go through? Anyway, can you help me guys thank you!

um im pretty sure its any players in game. so best to go to a current leveling area with warmode on and go nuts. dont think BGs count.

Normally you would want to hand out in spots where the players are doing the emissary quests. You also might want to do it in a group of 5.

Belclfer for the Against Overwhelming Odds you just need to kill 25 players in the Kul Tira zones, Uldum, Vale of the Blossoms, or Zuldazar zones