Sepulcher of the First Ones - Lihuvim Raid Damage Adjustments

Makes sense when our guild killed it on Normal we barely took any damage. I think making this fight harder for healers is a good thing because as it is the fight could probably be 2 healed on 20m. And felt much easier than the fight guarding it’s room.

thank god we solo healed it with 23 people on heroic

Hey Zahko, just a quick question now. With the energy change, a lot of the guides are obviously out of date. Presently, motes sometimes spawn just as the synthesize cast goes off on Normal mode, sometimes they don’t. Is this functionality intentional compared to the initial fight design, or is this something that might be being looked at as an upcoming change? It’s making the fight feel real wonky compared to the instruction having being given prior to the change.

Welcome to spell queueing my dude. If you remember Jaina in BoD, she had many different P1s because some spells would just happen in different orders.

Most likely gonna get a nerf, he’s too hard on even normal :joy: getting him past the first lich king phase is a wall for most pugs.