Sepulcher of the First Ones - Lihuvim Raid Damage Adjustments

Of course it’s a meme, a meme that blizzard has earned. I can’t believe a level 10 with only 5 posts is coming out opposed to pre-release testing of content… Oh yeah, of course I believe this “player” plays the game.

Your entire argument is that there was no reason to test or fix before implementation. That makes zero sense. Never test anything whatever? Implement all changes on live and blame players?

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You can keep whatever theories you want of course.

I’m just saying the mage tower tuning difference from PTR to Live is something that happens every single PTR. But for some reason it’s a surprised pikachu face when Blizzard handles it how they’ve handled PTRs for about 12 years.

They shouldn’t have buffed it on normal. It needs to be easier and not harder. I don’t think a casual healer will ever complain about something being easy and getting loot. Plus they have DPS buttons to use when they’re not healing.

You said it was way off. Now you’re still parroting the idea that it is completely unreasonable for them to even bother testing, because they don’t have a 100% chance of getting it perfect.

Level 10 was on the PTR doing testing. Nope.

You are the apologist spouting nonsense. It makes zero sense that if this was so far off they wouldn’t have discovered it before release and attempted to fix it. If they cared about the game. Or maybe it was because it was normal, and those people don’t matter.

Regardless, there’s not really any point in arguing with someone whose entire argument is that blizzard should make no effort to test and make content work correctly before release.

Exactly as I said. “Those people should have known there would be last minute changes making the mage tower too hard for them to complete after they had been enticed to buy a subscription to do it.”

I never said that, of course I support pre-release testing and I was there for several rounds of Sepulcher raid testing. How the hell did you manage to interpret what I said as that?

Also are you mad? In case you haven’t realised, you are not posting on a level 60 either.

But the difference between you and me? I explained the issue and the reason they are buffing the boss, where you rant about nonsense and just want to cry at Blizzard.

Wrong, you interpreted this wrong and it shows how stupid you are. I’m saying even with PTR testing they will never get tuning 100% correct.

Its really not that hard to understand bro.

But hey, continue wasting your life complaining about a game and company you seemingly don’t even play. I’m here actually commenting about the encounter, you are here just to cry.

What a sad life you must live, 1474 posts of crying.

This is a good change and its based on the fact the community were telling Blizzard the fight sucks for healers because there’s NO damage. That is an error and they are fixing it - they are making the game better and listening to their community.

Yet you with 0 knowledge or experience of the encounter are here just to cry and complain about the game beingn too hard.

I don’t see a single complaint about that. But I do see hundreds of complaints and a 1 million view video on YouTube about the raid being too hard on normal difficulty. I see we just pick and choose which feedback to listen to

They’re not done getting even with casuals yet.

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To be fair, FFXIV heavily tests raid with private testers. And they get numbers right. WoW often doesn’t, just look at mythic world first. Every race they intervene and nerf bosses because they are overtuned…live is used as testing. PTR misses the mark.

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So these players are all so in tune with PTR testing they knew about the test difficulty as part of resubbing but also extremely oblivious of the same PTR testing cycle for the past decade?

Sounds legit.


I just logged in my character so waiting for the armory to update. How about you do the same? Then we can see who has actually done the fight.

FF also only releases 4 bosses in their raids, and are on par with heroic not mythic.

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The guy who said ‘I just want to come in and faceroll one shot everything.’

Also if he cleared the left side of the raid he would have had 0 difficulties with Lihuvium by the way, the boss is a joke.

Also you’re missing the issue here - that the boss isn’t doing damage. They are fixing that.

If you think a boss shouldn’t do damage, then you are delusional.

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Oooooh. Fangs are bared.

Here’s an idea. If there’s nothing to heal, throw some damage out?

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And often hard ones, pugs have a struggle against the phoenix for example.

We were debating only running 2 healers in a 25 player group. The boss did no damage. It was a massive let down in difficulty after how hard pantheon is (was, has been nerfed since we killed it)


I’m 100% ok with a boss that is easy yes. You ever raided with casual players? they get excited about loot and bosses that are simple to beat. Everyone gravitates towards things that are easy. Why does everything need to be challenging

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This is a person who thinks that you should be able to queue normal and faceroll it. They don’t want progression, they want to show up to the boss, have the boss kill itself, and give them free loot.

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Its week one bud, keep killing the bosses you can kill and get better loot. You’re not suffering in the raid on its release week

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I don’t really see how increasing the damage of the intermissions and (im assuming) the knockback would really increase the total number of healers by a significant enough margin. Especially considering the fight is close to solo healable with 30 people. Even if this change forces 1 or 2 more healers, you pretty much have all your cds up going into every intermission, so any increased healing you add in that phase is likely to be rather trivial. Plus you have so much time to heal up from the knockbacks that the mechanic is almost irrelevant.

Will you be adding something similar to burden of sin to the encounter to at least force 4 healers?

Please dear god… do not nerf anduin.

He’s late in the raid, let people progress wth tier sets and gear to make it easier. Complaints about his difficulty are from people expecting to steamroll week 1. That fight is awesome. Do not nerf it.