Sepulcher of the First Ones Hall of Fame is Full

Near the end of last week, the Sepulcher of the First Ones Hall of Fame filled to completion for Alliance guilds.

Eligibility for the in-game achievement was intended to end with resets this week, but there was error with the disabling process. Out of fairness for players’ raid schedules in all regions, the Hall of Fame will now be closed with the next weekly raid reset (Tuesday morning, July 12 in this region).


Luckily nobody cares about HoF for Alliance anyway.

Any plans on making HoF a mixed faction now we have cross faction play? Top 200/300 Guilds ?


You might be surprised to find out that Alliance guilds do care about it…


That would be surprising considering Horde HoF closed like two months ago. Looking down the HoF Alliance list you have guilds who killed it after the RWF nerf and by the end of the list you have the version of the boss that was killed last week (already quite a clowned boss) + randomly guilds who killed it this week now apparently too?

Killing the boss is an achievement for a guild in it’s own right. But nobody should be under the illusion that Hall of Fame for Alliance isn’t basically kind of a big joke and the reason 3/4 of the guilds can get it is because the faction is proper dead and the achievement was still available after 9 nerfs to the boss.


There’s no prestige for killing Jailer with the nerfs this past week. Hall of Fame is disingenous at this point, let’s be real Blizz.


Honestly I’m just surprised there are even enough Alliance guilds doing Mythic to fill the HoF in the first place.


This is utterly ridiculous, they get to keep it AFTER THE GIGA NERFS?? If you’re proud of this after the nerfs you’re a stain on wow society.

How is this fair to the raid schedules of the players who killed it before it became a heroic boss

says the lowbie cowering so we dont see his main’s achievements… or lack of them

Better you little baby? Go actually get HoF or let alone CE, you pathetic weakling.

This seems fair. It’s not the fault of the raiders that there was an issue on Blizzard’s end, they shouldn’t be punished for something that’s not their fault.

Just throwing it out there the most “fair” thing to do would be just to remove it from guilds who have got it in the last 24 hours no?

Don’t see how removing something from a guild that was incorrectly allocated is a punishment right?

If they put in the effort and did so fairly, they shouldn’t be punished and have something they earned stripped away from them because of an error on Blizzard’s end.

The only time something should be taken away from players is when it is gained through exploitation or outright cheating.

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  1. The “lockout” closed last week, they said it in their original post this wasn’t intended.
  2. This isn’t taken away from players, HoF is awarded to a guild and allows for players who have CE in a guild with HoF title to use the Famed title. If you leave a guild you can’t use the title.

Okay? But it’s still not something people should be punished for.

All this does is give guilds an achievement and a title to play around with. It’s not something that’s gamebreaking or worth getting worked up over. Any guilds that got the achievement post-lockout because of this error on Blizzard’s end won’t have their names appear on the Hall of Fame. They won’t be taking away anything that other guilds earned. Just, leave it be.

my god. he must have no life at all.

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I mean I guess I’d say the same for playing Horde, which is easy mode relative to the Alliance. You joined the Horde for the easy groups.

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What? What punishment are you on about? If i accidently deliver a parcel to a shop and then swing by to collect it because it was delivered to them on accident I’m not punishing them right? Isn’t this the same idea? They weren’t supposed to be able to get it in the first place.

Just so we’re clear the version of the jailer you killed last week to get HoF is just as a clown fiesta as this weeks version of the boss.

It’s why nobody should care about HoF because there are guilds like yours who killed it last week (nothing personal) on the same lists as guilds like Honestly (World 20th) who killed it when HoF Horde was still open.

You’re pretty jaded for no real reason, shame… have a nice day - if that’s possible for you.