Sepulcher of the First Ones Hall of Fame is Full

Uhh, those are not even remotely comparable.

Think of it this way:

Let’s say there’s a relay race, and the first 100 teams that cross the finish line have their names recorded on a plaque, but then any other teams that cross between the last of the 100 and the time when the clock stops only gets a trophy for them to display.

Now normally the clock would have stopped 30 minutes after the last team went by, but because of an issue with the clock, it didn’t stop when it should have, and other teams have since crossed that line and become eligible for a trophy.

Blizzard has two choices. They can display a gesture of good will, since these people technically earned the trophy due to an issue on their end, and allow them to keep their trophy. Or they can punish those players and take their trophy away, not because they screwed up, but because Blizzard screwed up.

They’ve chosen the former, and I commend them for that. It’s a fair move.


I’m glad you brought up the comparison of a plaque because Blizzard has a website that works as a digital plaque for guilds who get famed that is supposed to go to 100 and that filled up last week. Curious…

People getting HoF this week / late last week don’t appear on the ‘plaque’

Ultimately though like I said in an earlier post I’m not really too fussed, Alliance HoF isn’t something to be taken too seriously and I suppose guilds getting it this week will feel great and make their day happier so god bless them.

No, they don’t, and that’s 100% intended.

The first 100 guilds appear on the Hall of Fame board, if you were the 101st guild, well, no dice for you. You get a trophy, that’s all.

If these guilds that accomplished the Hall of Fame kills were replacing people on the board, then that would be a problem.

I can’t say I’m really emotionally invested enough in this conversation to continue, I think the easiest and most fair thing to the guilds that got it while it was active (apparently some people do care) would to be remove from guilds this week but I can see that would probably bum out the guilds that have got it so far this week so thats bad also.

I am really surprised to see there are some people in here who really truly care about it as a prestige thing. I’m just hoping we get a combined hall of fame list next tier honestly.

Just two short months after horde? Wow!

The thing is it’s there for a reason, if people don’t care just leave it open for the whole tier then, don’t close the horde one either. Or just remove the achievement entirely and just have CE.

Eh, honestly “Its easier than when Horde HoF closed, so it doesn’t matter” is a bad faith argument. No one is denying that the Alliance HoF is a bit of a meme, but at the same time there are certain expectations for how HoF is treated, and what it represents. Those Alliance guilds in the HoF play with 1/5 the player-base (and therefore have less talent to pull from), yet managed to be one of the first 100 CEs in their version of the game.

While blizzard might not publicly admit it, these mega-nerfs that happen to bosses usually come in tandem with HoF closing. The fact that HoF closed, mega-nerfs were implemented - yet titles and achievements are still being distributed - is a bit of a slap to the face. It makes the achievement mean even less than it already does. I’m not saying its equivalent to Horde HoF, but its usually something.

All of that being said, one cannot genuinely say that the nerfs implemented this last reset are of the same magnitude as the ones that were previously implemented.

Was the boss easier last week compared to a month ago? Yes.
Was the boss easier a month ago compared to when Echo killed it? Also yes.

Unless you’re in a World-First guild, there is always a harder version of the boss. Doesn’t mean we should throw the whole system out of the window once the first nerf hits.


This completely devalues the achievement for guilds who killed the boss before the massive nerfs on the 5th. The boss isn’t even close to the same, and it feels really bad to have something so many people worked so hard on given away to people who, by your own admission, did not earn it. Please remove any achievements/titles from any guild who killed it on July 5th or later.

Congratulations to everybody who earned their famed slayer. :partying_face:

I’m sorry you feel that way

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About time. Just merge Alliance/Horde, make cross faction guilds, and make it just first 100 guilds to complete it.

Stop making people wait so long for cross realm mythic

Considering hall of fame was made to try and entice some higher end guilds to go alliance and it utter failed I wouldn’t be surprised if Hall of Fame was removed in DF.

This. Just call it a switch not flipped mulligan.

It is like factions don’t matter at all.

How are you the second angry person about this in the thread that needs an ego check.

Your guild killed last week, aka right after a set of HUGE nerfs. Their hall of fame has about as much weight as yours at this point. I’m sorry I need to be the person who does this but you are truly putting too much value in a title that seems to only get more used/popular as you go further down the list.

There is a reason for that you know.

Be happy you got it, be happy they got it. Be happy you got out of Jailer prison and can enjoy the rest of the expansion :clap:

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The point I think is the raid was way over tuned in attempted to hold back the world first raider type. This ruined the raiding scene in my opinion. I haven’t looking at the raiding section in lfg since week 2 of raid release because its been such a pita chore. GG those who like stressing and sweating in some game. I have had a health issue and cannot afford to get involved with that type of gaming group.

Not until guilds are cross-faction (which really needs to happen with the release of DF).

People like you are a reason why we’re losing subs, who cares what other people achieve if you’re so worried use the date you got the achievement as proof. Stop designing the game around the 1%.

Let me stop you there.

No it doesn’t.

If you were one of the guilds that earned the achievement pre-nerf, especially if you were one of the top 100. Your achievement is still extremely valuable.

And also, honestly? Only a superficial moron would think that because someone else has an achievement that ‘their’ achievement somehow has less value.

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Guess you didn’t see how this entire raid was overtuned to dark souls new game +7 levels of difficulty.