Separating keybinds on steam deck and PC

Anyone know of a way to keep these bindings separated?

Hi, sorry to revive an old topic. I’ve been seeing this line and trying to figure out where exactly should I type or put that line? I’m trying to set it up in a way where the options I do on steam deck stays on steam deck and not affect the other computers. Thank you.

> run local t={"synchronizeConfig", "synchronizeSettings","synchronizeMacros","synchronizeBindings"} for k, v in pairs(t) do C_CVar.SetCVar(v,0) end ReloadUI()

enter it in chat on the SteamDeck.

Thanks alot. Chat in wow right? Also, do I just need to do it once? And I only have to do it on the deck right? Like I don’t mind my other computer syncing up. It’s just the deck is completely different and I wanted to remove all action bars and focus on the addon to remove clatter.



I have tried running this command on my steam deck in desktop mode and in gaming mode. I even tried it on my PC but the keybinds won’t stop syncing. Any other suggestions to fixing this?

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If you’re talking about copying and pasting what Murder posted, it’s all messed up from the forums cuz they didn’t use code tags.

/run local t={"synchronizeConfig", "synchronizeSettings","synchronizeMacros","synchronizeBindings"} for i,k in pairs(t) do C_CVar.SetCVar(k,0) end ReloadUI()
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Is this the correct command, or is FizzleMizz the correct one?

They are all exactly the same in function now so all will work.

Use what Elvenbane posted above.


Thanks! Are you familiar with MySlot? Does this do something similar, I’ve seen people mention it.

It moves UI layout and settings between characters/accounts but, as far as I know, doesn’t effect synchronisation settings between computers which is what this macro it doing.