Sentinel's utility was changed... Again


the magic damage reduction portion was removed, leaving just the leech
im genuinely starting to wonder if someone at blizzard just despises seeing hunters in a group or raid


Well, 2 talent points just fully freed up for me I guess. It’s a shame, I was hoping for a party/raid buff since everyone can already do what we do.


at this rate, hunters are only going to be found in pvp and the company of their friends
i don’t get what’s so hard about giving them something that isn’t insanely underwhelming or so niche it’s worthless


Considering I don’t PvP, yeah this is pretty useless for me. MAYBE if there’s a fight that we need to LoS the boss, that extra dps could help, but just makes it a very situational pick at best.

And fun detected is why they won’t give us things we want like a raid buff/utility, picking the spec of our pets, giving lust as a talent to MM, weapon enchants/illusions that show up for our ranged weapons, a dark ranger glyph to make our attacks looks dark rangery.


i don’t know why they just don’t give them a simple aura or something to just give out like 3-5% crit or something as simple as that
we aren’t asking for god tier wipe saving utility
we just want others to want us when we’re not doing overtuned damage


Enhancement shamans have been saying this. Since lust was given out to hunters, and mages, there is no real reason to bring a shaman as every class can do what we did but better. until wf totem was brought back and even then its not enough for us to be wanted. At least hunters can soak mechanics that would kill other classes with turtle and you have traps and hey you dont have to deal with being non mobile.

And i say this as I mained an enhancement shaman for the last two expansions. Enhancement shamans are the red headed step child of the devs. And unfortunately it is creeping into other classes if its not druid or warlocks blizzard doesn’t seem to give a damn about us to make us wanted.

The totems are still a sizeable reason to bring a Shaman. Certainly more than Hunter has access to by now.

Sure, but like Lust, that capacity is shared with other classes… who each bring more on top.

This one’s definitely a benefit… though mostly just for/of taking BM. MM and SV can stay in the kennel, I guess?

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I was kind hoping they’d give hunters something cool… Idk like ‘give 1% crit to the raid’, tune it however but something tangible that makes sense for the class!


yeah fr
if druids can give their entire raid 3%dmg and -1.5% dmg taken
i don’t see having like a small crit or haste buff as that out of place


What’s with the woe is me attitude though?
When they introduced Sentinel, they plastered it with THIS IS LIKELY GOING TO CHANGE. SIGNFICIANTLY. BE WARNED labels all over it.

It’s still a cool spell. When it works that is.

was thinking something similar w/ the aura. either change hunter’s mark from baseline and make it a choice node where it allows its current functionality or provides 3-5% crit to the marked target for your party/raid. that way it would still be useful in certain pvp situations or in questioning/dungeon/raids and allows hunters to bring utility. if blizz really wants the RA mechanic, then leave current hunter’s mark as baseline and create a choice node for the RA mechanic or the static 3-5% crit to marked target for party/raid but tie it to hunter’s mark.


This is my copium speaking but they changed the druid buff in order to free up the crit buff for us. Now there’s no excuse to not give us MoP style (automatically activated) Hunters Mark with an increased crit change.

I really don’t understand their hatred for hunters. If they are shooting for balancing overall spec representation and trying to kill off hunters because there’s so many of us they are beyond stupid.

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MM can be mobile spec into lock and load and then only time you cant be mobile is AS which if you have enough haste you should have others you can cast until you can have time to channel AS.

I am talking about Enhancement which is what I main. Literally the only totem we have is WF totem and healing totem. Which healing totem heals in my gear 875 per tick. Which isnt enough to even consider it to be anything.

Also checked elemental they

As a hunter unless your SRV you are ranged and do not have to worry about mechanics that others do. Hey you can FD to keep from wiping, you have turtle shell and you have your pet which you can use to give lust to the group and it gives you Leech. There is literally no reason to bring a Shaman of any shape or form other than healing unless we are doing very good damage.

Other classes including hunters does everything we can do better.

Lock and Load doesn’t really increase your mobility, though. It just replaces an instant shot (Arcane) with another (LnL Aimed Shot).

Since the proc doesn’t consume your charges (though it does unfortunately keep the second from advancing), it doesn’t replace the Aimed Shots you’d already have used, only add atop them (replacing filler GCDs).

And Tremor and Windrush, no? The latter no longer even competes with Feral Lunge, I thought?

Which merely saves 5 seconds from the timer. It’s not like we have Mass Rez available for/from every class anymore.

Cloak, Netherwalk, etc.

See actual Bloodlust/Heroism, Timewarp.

There’s as much reason to take a second one as to typically take a DK or Hunter.

Personally, I’d almost like to see (imo) bloat like Battle Shout, Mark of the Wild, etc., all removed… save that I sometimes kind of like when a party can narrowly survive an AoE in M+ via Fortitude, and if those went, so too would Fortitude have to be.

Given that we’re stuck with all this, then, I’d just like Hunter to have at least one thing unique to it that isn’t so situational as just LoS. DK at least has grips. Shaman has WF/SP totems — not as interesting, but workable. I’d like to see them get a little something more via the Class Tree, but that’d likely require throughput sacrifice (which I’d be fine with, but most probably wouldn’t).

Ok I sill start at the beginning

This is true but as I stated if you have the haste you would have other options to use until you can channel AS. And a AS is an AS.

Feral Lunge is a dead talent, Windrush is a dead talent not used, tremor most shamans forget its there and do not drop it. And yes I have it on my hotbar and use it. But really how often does fear happen in pve that can be predicted so that you can drop tremor and have it pulse as you get feared, dont forget that it has to pulse to remove fear and it only last like 10 seconds I think IIRC.

This is true but hey it saves on your repair bill and gives you some time so you can bio while everyone is running back unless you have engi which you can use jumper cables to res the healer if they proc.

Cloak of shadows stops spells, Netherwalk(can be used a lot go with soul rending for the leech it gives), i know like paladin bubble and what not but they are melee unless healer and that would pull dps off the target unless the boss is moved to the wipe mechanic.
MY guild before it imploded used hunters/mages for those jobs that way paladin dps could stay on boss and not bother the healer with doing this job.

As a shaman main i know bloodlust. I also play mage and know timewarp. Most raids have more than one mage/hunter and do not need shamans unless they are resto. I know in the guilds on my server they have at least 2 mages and 1-2 hunters depends on what they want to run with.

See everyclass/spec should have something that would make them wanted. I agree with you been saying that for years. But I don’t want it at the expense of another class case in point giving hunters and mages blood lust. That should not have happened. That was Shaman class fantasy and then it was given away. Mean while Shamans had gust of wind and mages complained it was too much like blink and it steals their class fantasy. So guest of wind was removed.

Again Every class needs something that makes them wanted. What about giving hunters a passive that gives an agi increase to the raid? That would benefit roges ,dh and monks across the board and if the raid/group had Enhancement shaman it would benefit them as well.

Problematic for M+, as it encourages excluding Strength-based classes if/when Hunter is decent. Just use Crit or the like if you want a banal means of propping up Hunter instead of a function-based means.

True I can see again I agree have said for years every class needs something that makes them wanted in groups. Other than being ranged we bring traps, tranq shot/binding shot which i have used binding in dungeons to help the tank be able to kite along with tartrap just after the binding shot.

I understand the +crit passive aura but not sure if it would be enough to make groups want to bring us along.

Crit is generally the most reliable of the buffs. Many specs have access to +crit damage, meaning it’s often more than 1:1 with damage bonuses. Many specs have crit procs, making it yet better. And, most importantly, it affects healing.

It’d probably take only 2% crit for it to be a really solid buff to a raid, even if negligible to M+ (where Hunter’s other utilities are more frequently useful).

Yea Fire Mage just popped into my mind reading this, its one of the class/specs i am looking at for DF. Either hunter or mage.

To address something you added

True but you pop DT with a L&L AS you will get a decent amount of dps while you are being forced to move due to mechanics. I am not saying we don’t have our issues but we are more mobile than mages, warlocks. And our one ability that keeps us from being 100% mobile we have a way to get free instant cast AS even though it is rng its still there

Sentinel, Sentinel’s Perception and Sentinel’s Protection are just bad in my opinion.

  • The only path to Sentinel requires two points in Born To Be Wild, which is already a niche talent that doesn’t improve throughput. I believe it was also recently nerfed from 10/20 to 7/14%.
  • We still don’t know what the cooldown on Sentinel will be. Since it has a maximum duration of 12 seconds, I’m assuming it will be a 2 or 3 minute cooldown.
  • Four points into getting Sentinel’s Protection and all it does is give your party(not raid) 5% leech while Sentinel is active. That is a crazy low uptime on a small amount of leech for such an expensive talent.

Unless some seriously big changes are made, I don’t expect to see Hunters running around with Sentinel. Knowing Blizzard, they will likely have a raid fight that it will be useful, but otherwise it’s too niche.

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