Sentinels of Darkness (A) 18+ Only

Hello fellow players! We are a Heroic-progression raiding guild mixed with mythic+ and genera WOW-related stuff. Currently looking for social and raiders to join our raid group, to run keys, and help us all grow as a family.

Don’t get it wrong, we have fun but get serious when we need to! We are mostly adults and have a great social discord. Our raids are two nights a week SUNDAY and MONDAY and we raid from 8-10 eastern and we provide flask and food. We make it a serious point to nip any drama in the bud and we are big on mutual respect.

If you are not into raiding we still will recruit you! We also help people learn to play and help them with their toons needs as much as we can. If you want to have a pretty decent place to try and make your gamer home this is it. We would love to have you. Look for a Sentinels of Darkness representative and Welcome Home!

do you guys Recruit new players to the game?
18+ here
Bnet: RedSpartan#1138
Discord: RedSpartan#9350