"Send the Fleet" Quest not showing up

Hey, i’m a new player in retail. Leveled up to 50, and trying to get to Nazjatar but Gen doesn’t show me the quest “Send the Fleet” nor I can find “The Wolf’s Offensive” Anyone can help me? Did the introduction of the heart of Azeroth and got it, but marni doesnt show me any other quests…

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Try getting ur heart of azeroth and see if that pops up and turn on low lvl tracking by clicking the magnifying glass on the mini map top right corner. Also if u have shadowlands the current expansion you should be leveling in shadowlands.

I did it but quest is not showing up. I got the heart of azeroth doing the first quests on the cave of silithus, but according to wowhead i should be getting an extra quest from marni but nothing. Read that uniting kultiras should unlock it but some people says that it is not necessary to do. (Changed my blizzard character didn’t know it doesn’t update the OP)

Yes, you have to do the uniting quest for horde, not for alliance.

I’m alliance in retail. Idk what else do now, can’t accept anything on the table, also did the 3 fortress questlines… Found a solution on wowhead but seems like I need to wait 2 hours for the reinforcement quest, hope it works.

Update, it didn’t. So tilting, I can’t even use the scouting map to finish the stupid rep grind gating me to get to an old expansion zone, finished every orange quest but I still need to do the rep grind, I just want my heart of azeroth lvl 50. Someone says that I need to finish all kultiras quests to get access to Stormsong or Drustvar questline, and I’m pretty sure I would never do that. So annoying.

Uniting Kul Tiras is required before you can do the Naz’jatar quests.

So, you’ll need to do enough questing in each zone to get to friendly since it’s your first character. As a note, Order of the Embers rep in Drustvar is a bit weird. You won’t get any rep for the first part of the zone, but once you get far enough into the story to actually establish the Order, you’ll get a whole bunch at once (and jump to friendly.) So, even though it doesn’t feel like you are making progress, you are.

When it comes to the scouting map you’ll typically need to do the initial quests in whatever zone you first pick before it will let you pick another. (Typically, “enough” quests is around the time you get to the first flightpath.) There’s also a minimum level for some of the zones, but at 50 you’ll be way past that.

I finally did it yesterday after reading on one post that I needed to do the ferry quest. After finishing it I went back to the ship and I could accept all stormsong and drustvar quests from the scouting map. Dunno why it was a prerequisite as it doesn’t says anywhere it was a chain and doesn’t has an orange icon quest. Got both reps and finished uniting kultiras, then “send the fleet” was available. I’m explaining if anyone is stuck with this too. Probably retail it isn’t for me lol, so i’m back to classic. Thanks you anyways!

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It’s part of the BfA intro. For the more recent expansions, you really need to complete the intros for them or it can cause problems. (I didn’t think to mention it because I didn’t realize it would let you do the quests you’d mentioned completing without doing it — but now I’ll now if it comes up again.)

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By cozyarmadillo (2,375 – 4·11) on 2022/05/23 (Patch 9.2.0)

I did this in 9.2.0, on a level 60 toon that I transferred from Horde (which had already unlocked Nazjatar on Horde, but I didn’t have access to Nazjatar on Alliance).

  • I first went to stormwind, Talk to Hero’s Herald near the Hero’s Call Board at the Trade District in Stormwind to pick-up the quest Tides of War

  • Cut-scene with Jaina, skipped the intro quests, and it ported me to Boralus harbor.

  • Did the next 4 quests starting from there, with Get Your Bearings, The Old Knight, Ferry Pass, Sanctum of the Sages, and A Nation Divided, all in Boralus.

  • Talked to Cyrus Crestfall (harbormaster) to complete the quest What You May Regret. This might be unnecessary.

  • Picked up the quest A Dying World, took the portal to Silthus and completed The Heart of Azeroth and Infusing the Heart in Silthus/Heart of Azeroth.

  • Back to Boralus and talked to Halford Wyrmbane who had the quest Uniting Kul Tiras. Completed that.

  • Genn Greymane now had the quest Send the Fleet. This should take you to Nazjatar and do the few quests there to unlock the Nazjatar Portal.

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