Semi-new player

I am looking for someone to play with I have played off and on for years but never purchased a sub till a few months ago and got into it heavy but I had no clue of what I was doing and wondering around alone doing quest after quest gets boring without a friend and all of my friends aren’t wow players it isn’t their cup of tea I play on lothar but don’t mind switching servers or starting a new character if someone wants to be my wow duo I’m sure it would be fun to have someone to start a fresh grind with.

Id run with ya. I main horde on mal ganis. Maybe ur eligable for a raf bonus if so i can be ur duo for it. Hmu gixxerkid702#1640

I don’t have a 120 hord character my highest level hord is 30 sadly and I don’t think you would want to restart hord characters mate.

I mean party sync is a thing now i wouldnt have too could bring my dh and just brun thru it all with you. Up to you tho.

I would enjoy that so would I just need to make a hord character on your server then add you and turn on party sync then from there Just follow you

Pretty much it brings me to ur lvl so i dont steal ur xp, and can run your quests with you. Its not too bad, and if ur eligable for raf its an extra 50% xp so ittl be even faster

Btw is your server malygos because I don’t see a mal ganis

Nah its Mal’Ganis

I found it my bad it was farther down on the list but I’m making a character now and I’m adding you I made a orc.

Right on ill be on after work in 2 hours